Benefits to still using Gateway

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    So I found myself on the verge of creating a post much like the one Crystal the Glaceon made about using RXTools (Please Stop Using RXTools) but pertaining to Gateway (or any flash cards for that matter) but then I realized I may not understand some benefit of using Gateway due to my having zero experience with it. I lurk quite a few 3ds specific sites and everywhere I look I see users seeking help for myriad problems with Gateway. I see posts stating that Gateway uses code to potentially brick your nand for using knock off cards like the DSTwo. Statements about Gateway having broken implementation of A9LH. I know from reading Gateway doesn't have firm protection. The list could potentially go on. I have seen users tout simplicity of copy/pasting roms to the card as one of the biggest draws. Have also seen users touting cheat availability. Are there any other benefits I am not aware of? I use nothing but A9LH/Luma at this point but had emunand setups before and have just used FBI to install cia files for games that I want to play but not carry the cartridges everywhere I go. I admit that install times can be slow (not so bad on my new 3ds) but it has never been a major turn off for me. For cheats we have NTR but that's a whole other can of worms I am not opening right now. So school me Gateway lovers/ haters. What are your thoughts?
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    Just to be clear I am not throwing hate at Gateway. I am simply looking for info. I admit I have reservations about the need for it's continued existence but I am open to any and all input.
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    The info:

    Probably best not to mimic Crystal the Glaceon by making a thread about Gateway. She already made one, and it died quickly because of misconceptions mentioned in the above thread, and unlike RXTools, Gateway still has unique features like easy-to-use cheats and ROM loading (note that CIAs are not ROMs in this context).
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    I would say most people on this site (excluding the GW haters) like the following things about GW:
    1. Easy to use Cheat Engine; there is more benefit for those that create cheats because you don't need to create a cheat plugin for each game. Just input the code into a text file. Keep in mind that there is a Gateshark to NTR converter, so this is debatable for cheat code users.
    2. Extra space for roms, no 300 game limit. (Personally, I find it impossible to even get close to that limit lol)
    3. Drag and drop roms. This is debatable I would say, thanks to the benefits of homebrew like CIAngel and freeShop. It's a time vs. ease sort of thing.
    Aside from those points (I might be forgetting some), it is better to use a free CFW like Luma3DS for all other tasks.
    So it's up to you to decide if spending the money is worth those benefits :D
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    @UniqueGeek I hadn't seen that thread before but that does clarify much of the confusion, at least for me, surrounding the Gateway card. Thanks for the awesome response.
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    If you wanna play 3ds dumps without extracting or installing them, gateway
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    Yep good explanation. My opinion it though is:

    1. The converter works just fine, so yes it is very much debatable.

    2. Unless you are a very filthy pirate, you're good.

    3.CIAngel and FreeShop are the easiest and for some people even faster than the drag and drop!
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    Seems like Gateshark is not getting Updated/Added to anymore. Least for the Games I have Saved on there. Not to mention no Games have been Added Lately
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    Echoing what others have said;

    TL;DR If or wasn't for GateShark I would never use my Gateway.

    1. Superior cheat system. Period.

    Even with GateShark2NTR existing, there a some cheats that will only work with GateShark.

    The major downside of GateShark is that that you can't use it with your legit carts. The cheat database is loaded from the Gateway cart itself (this is another DRM measure).

    This is a pretty big deal if you don't pirate your 3DS games. The best way around this is to dump your carts to .cia and install them to your home screen, which is somewhat of a hassle.

    2. Up to 128GB additional storage for ROMs. As @TheVinAnator said, handy if you're a very filthy pirate, not really essential for most of us.

    I bought a Gateway back in the days when it was the only option available, with the intention of using it to play some out-of-region exclusive ROMs.

    I discovered within days of receiving it that I could use simply use "Classic Mode" (doesn't require a gateway cart) to play out-of-region cartridges.

    So I imported the games I wanted to play and left my Gateway in a drawer for the next 18+ months.

    There it remained until they introduced the GateShark system, an suddenly it was useful again. Late last year my Gateway failed and immediately bought a replacement. That's how important the GateShark feature is to me. If it weren't for that I'd never use it.
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    In my personal opinion, besides the fact that such an article would be polarising enough as it is, to write such an article without having any first hand experience and going by pure hearsay would only make you come off as elitist. Opinions are like penises. It's perfectly alright to have one. But once you start shoving it down someone's throat, that's when we have a problem.
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