before i donwgrade can u help with these questions

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  1. Spankpanky

    Spankpanky Member

    Nov 27, 2015
    ok im on old 3ds 10.3

    should i use safesysupdater
    or sysupdater

    1a. If I format my 3ds before downgrading, will I have to install *hax again?
    1b. Should the microSd card be in the system when I format it?
    2. Should my NNID be linked before downgrading?

    i downloaded the 9.2 cia for europe my region from the iso site

    thanks in advance everyone
  2. Faru

    Faru GBAtemp Regular

    Nov 13, 2015
    United States
    It doesn't matter which sysupdater you use but to be safe use: SafeSysUpdater

    1a: Yes because you need *hax to even access HB to downgrade. Edit: Nvm forgot it doesn't effect SD.

    1b: It doesn't matter the SD will be fine.

    2: Doesn't matter

    Edit: @Arubaro said it better.
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  3. Arubaro

    Arubaro Soulspace Guardian

    Sep 4, 2015
    1a: When you format your 3ds (different to format SD card), only folders inside Nintendo 3ds folder will be erased, so homebrew etc will be as it is after the format. Also, when you downgrade to 9.2, you'll have to use homebrew with its respective payload (say, installing menuhax for 9.2, etc).

    1b: People say to format the 3ds without the SD card inside, but I don't kow if there is really a difference.

    2: Downgrade with NNID linked doesn't matter. What really matter is when you clone your sysnand to emunand with a NNID already set.

    If you clone your sysnand to emunand with an NNID, when you format your sysnand, you won't be able to enter eshop on emunand, because you'll have your NNID on your emunand, but think nintendo server thinks that NNID is not being used at the moment, so you'll have to create a new emunand, Relink your NNID on emunand, and then, reinject your emunand/sysnand backup on your emunand.

    If you format your sysnand to unlink your NNID and after that, clone your sysnand to emunand, I think you can link your NNID to emunand without problems. I did not try this last option, though.
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