Battlefield play4free drawing competition

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    Hey guys

    I still have 10 beta keys for battlefield p4f which I don't need, and I need a new avatar for my steam account so I chose to do a little competition.

    Whoever draws me the best Avatar wins the 10 keys.

    Thanks to Lee79 there will also be a second place, the person with the second best picture gets 5 keys.

    What I want: -Teamfortress 2 themed
    -Really like demoman
    -thought about something like the shadow of a sticky on green ground
    -must look good
    -atm in steam I use another avatar, which is already quite good:

    I will tell who is the winner in about 1-2 weeks

    You can also give the beta keys to friends and if nobody sends something in I will post the beta keys for everyone accessible.