Battery saving tips?

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    Hello everyone,

    I'm having concerns on how to extend and save my DSiXL's battery and to know the proper usage of it. Here are my questions that I hope someone can help me clear it up:

    1. I read on the manual that the battery can only take 500 charges before it starts degrading. By charges, does it mean that by the time you plug the DS to the charger that already counts as 1 charge?

    2. Is it safe to keep the DS plugged in to the charger at all times if it's not being in use? Will this actually kill my battery faster or will make it have a longer life because it is usually fully charged when it's not in use?

    3. Is it alright to keep the charger plugged in to the DS even if it's fully charged (no more light indicating that it is still in charge). What about playing the DS while the charger is connected?

    4. When would be the best time to charge your DS? Is it when it's just a few hours used or when the battery indicator is already showing a red light?

    5. For future purposes, should I buy a backup battery for my DSiXL now? I have no means of buying anything officially from Nintendo's website and maybe I should buy one now while DSiXL is still new because chances are in the future, the battery for the DSiXL will be phased out since the 3DS is the new thing.

    Thanks guys and I hope I can clear up some of my concerns with the battery issues. I am really loving my DSiXL now and I just want to maximize it :)
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    1. I'm thinking that only the times you are charging count as a charge. For example, say you run the power of your DS to near-death and place it on the charger for two hours then take it off. I'd say that would count as one charge.
    2. If I'm understanding correctly, it will shorten the battery by keeping it on the charger for longer.
    3. If you use the DS while it's charging, you will definitely be shortening the battery life.
    4. The best time would probably be any time at all, as long as you remove it from the charger once the charge light has stopped glowing.
    5. It probably would be a good idea to buy a backup battery, but you probably won't need one for a very long time.
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    1. 500 charge, plug in -1charge, 499left, 1hours use, plug in again -1charge, 498left. doesn't really matter if it's a sec, once it start charging it will consume 1 charge.
    2. Yes, current Lithium battery have smart charging unlike the old Ni-Cd battery. Google for it if you want to dig some more.
    3. With smart charging battery type yes it will.
    4. When it's run out of power completely.
    5. Buy it when your ds only last for 2-3hours normal gameplay.