Bad Burning?

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  1. AmitZ

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    Feb 15, 2008
    Whenever I burn a game on a disc (Verbatim DVD-R) with ImgBurn, in the verify it says it has problems. Now first i burned TP and it worked fine until some room in the first dungeon where it got stuck, so I burned the disc again in PowerISO and it ran fine until the end of the game.
    Now i have downloaded MP3 (TWICE) and burned it with several discs on several programs, and in every disc the game get stuck on different rooms, meaning I shoot the door and it won't open, the music get stuck and if I try to get in the menu the game get stuck.
    Now I'm tired of reburning, redownloading etc, so I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong?
    I have a TOSHIBA DVD-ROM SD-M1712 burner from about 5 years ago and I'm using Verbatim as I mentioned.
    I'm pretty sure it's my damn computer doing shit but maybe it's something else?
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    maybe your burner's laser has worn out? try to burn with another burner at 4x or 2.4x only.