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    Okay, so I hacked my Wii ages ago with Smash Bros. and happily used the HBC to play emulators. However, lately the Wii has begun to offer some games that have caught my attention, so I decided to attempt to play backup ISOs. I've been at it for 2 days now, and haven't had any luck... I'm trying to play Red Steel 2, and I'll try to list everything I've done so far in order.

    First off, I installed the HBC some time ago with Smash Bros. Brawl. My system is 4.1U I think...

    Then I followed a guide to play Backups off SD cards. I have a four gig Wii brand SD for the games, and a 2 gig SD micro with an adapter full of my Homebrew stuff. The guide got me some patched IOSs (15 and 36 I think), Waninkoko's USB Loader with SD/SDHC support, and a Wad Manager. I thought I was ready so I downloaded the NTSC Red Steel ISO and was terrified when I saw the 4.7 gig file size but it didn't take long to discover that Red Steel 2 is actually only like 2.97 gigs. I formatted the Wii SD to WBFS and load Red Steel 2. Put it in and discovered the USB Loader needs a file on my homebrew card. Luckily it works to put it in a USB adapter I have and use the USB slot in the back. USB Loader works now. So I try to load Red Steel 2 and blue screen with Error # 002. Googling reveals that I need to run that stupid Motion Plus Video and that I need the PAL version and to force run it as an NTSC. So after lots of download time and after the Motion Plus video I'm set, right? Wrong. (I feel I should note that I played Megaman 9 and 10 while waiting on my download, and I had to install another IOS to play 10, forgot which one though...) For some reason my Wii card won't read on USB Loader now, instead immidiately giving me a ret = -1 error... I also installed Configurable USB Loader and Neogamma to get the motion plus video. Neogamma loads the Wii card, but only after the retry counter has gone down quite a bit, but never a consistent number... So I borrow an 8 gig memory stick. Purely experimental since I have to give it back. I format it and load the game. USB Loader reads it okay, so I force load NTSC and I get the same stupid blue screen Error # 002. I may have tried a few other things too, but if so I forgot. Please help!
    (I posted this on another site, but they told me I sounded too Jack Sparrowy, so since typing sucks on a phone I just copied it.)
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    It sounds like your following some old guide. You should just rehack your wii with Modmii. Its a computer program that will download all the latest hacking files and generate a guide for you to follow for install instructions. After you use modmii you just move the downloaded files to your SD and follow the guide. As long as your follow the guide step by step and use a compatible usb device it should be smooth sailing.

    BTW if your on 4.2 or lower you can use the bannerbomb method for hacking your wii which is much better/easier modmii should recommend it
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    The error002 is because you are using an old cIOS/old backup loader, follow modmii guide like Ryoku83 said and all should be fine.
    You can also read this guide to see if a game require a particular setting or cIOS. (like red steel need the motion+ video first, then use alternative dol loading)

    Also be sure to use the latest version of the backup loaders by going to their website or to the official topic on the forum.

    You don't need to format your SD card to WBFS anymore.
    Latest Backup Loaders are compatible with FAT32 and NTFS.
    If you have only an SD card, use FAT32 partition and place your game into /wbfs/ folder.

    Some backup managers are only working with USB, not SD.
    If you have an USB stick or external hard drive you should use it instead.
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    So, the HBC is just a channel, but what about all those cIOSs I messed with? What I'm asking is, do I need to do any prep work befoe starting this Modmii endeavor? Or is that also part of the guide? And no, I have no drive bigger than the SD... Since the ISOs are 4.7 gigs, will they still compress when moving them onto the drive? Or is there some conversion prossess to make them fit?

    Nevermind about the first questions, I figured it for myself. But I still need to know about how to compress an ISO since the 4.7 won't fit on a FAT. Can I just use winRAR? I tried using WiiScrubber to trim the file but it wouldn't show on the USB Loader menu. What do I do?

    And nevermind again. Lol, Found Backup Manager. Thanks for all the help, hopefully it'll work!