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    Jun 1, 2013
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    I have been working on a project for a while (too long) and I wanted to post my results in case anyone else has gone through the same problems. I wanted to play wii and gamecube games on my wii via hdd (all purchased legally, but the laser sometimes acts up and my other already died (dirty house (kids))).

    The problem was that no matter what option I used (devolution, dios mios) from any loader, the gamecube functionality did not like my drive. I replaced my external harddrive with another one and that didn't work either (same problem, either black screen of doom or 4 flashes (devo)). Eventually what I did was install dios mios lite (the one for sd, not usb) and I doubly copied all of the gc games onto a sdhc card (16 gig for me).

    Now whenever I run the game from the "hard drive" via custom usb loader menu, it automatically runs them from the sd card copy instead. If the game is not on the sd card, it actually COPIES it from the hdd onto the SD card. Cool, huh? Sure, technically it is a waste of space, but it really puts all of my games in one space. Hopefully if your hdd runs wii but not gc, you can try the same thing too.

    Hope this helped!


    PS: Sorry if this is in the wrong location. I've never done anything on a forum before, but I really wanted to post this somewhere online so it might help someone down the line.
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