Average GPU Temperature?

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  1. jonthedit

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    May 30, 2011
    I'm rather curious on what the average PC gamer has their temps at.

    Here's mine :

    [Settings at : Vcore - 1.025; Engine 675; Memory [DDR] 3600]
    Idle : 30° C / 89°F
    Minor Tasks (Web, Many Tabs, Etc): 33° C / 91°F
    Intense 3D Gaming [Crysis, High Resource Using Games]: 60° C / 140° F
    [Settings at : Vcore - 1.062; Engine 790; Memory [DDR] 3676]

    Idle : 33° C / 91°F
    Minor Tasks (Web, Many Tabs, Etc): 35° C / 93°F
    Intense 3D Gaming [Crysis, High Resource Using Games]: 62° C / 144° F


    So basically I noticed running with a little more voltage and tweaking the Engine and Memory, I can get a huge performance increase when running games like Crysis with little change in temperature.

    So I ask you tempers, what are your average temps?
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