auto incognito switch for emunand

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    is there a way as i am not a coder to make an ini file that either loads your incognito prodinfo of 0000000000 or your real one when you choose ether emmunand cfw or official fw that way if it really does work and you have 2 emanands saved even 1 of your original nand backup with prodinfo intact and 1 alternate of incognito initialized so your prod info is 0000000.... if not i can just use it in reinx to switch between them I am going to try to setup multiple emmunands 1 of my original nand backup and 1 with incognito on so if tyhe need arizes to go to the eshop i still can... or is this not possible as trhe games will conflict... or does each one create its own nintendo folder????

    for what its worth i have used incognito on my cfw then done a full orinial nand restore after switching my prodinfo back and i can still access the eshop np I may just be lucky but its been months since 7.0 i believe even if i have earlier fw i could even restore that but that may cause banning issues or make me onlt be ablde to boot rcm mode as 7.0 was the firmware i got the used switch with so i can onlt go safely that low... right now i am ibn the processs of restoring my nand then creating an emunand of 7.0 and then making 1 of 8.1 and setting up multiple emunands. this maybe redundant but i wanna leard the new hekate inside and out.... and help along the way if i can
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    Atmosphere was working on redirecting PRODINFO to garbage as seen here but it hasn't seen any activity as of late.