Audio Streaming GC games and Nintendont?

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    hay everyone,
    a few days ago, i was playing with my wii that i have from december of 06, that i hacked via banner bomb back in 2010 i believe.

    i played with my GC backups of the games that i have, using Dios Mios lite, some games had issues with DML, so i couldn't play all of them :( . I searched online for a better GC way to play games via USB instead of discs. and i found that Nintendont had a way,way,way better compatablty list than DML. so i used nintendont instead of DML and it works better than DML did :) .
    Harry potter and the chamber of secrets, a game which didn't load at all in DML, in nintendont it loaded fine :) Pokemon XD/colosseum loaded all the text backwards in DML => weird? but fine in nintendont :) .

    my question here is:

    do the notorious "audio stream" games that need the original disk to be able to play audio and not from the .iso (image of my backup), to work?
    or does nintendont work fine with audio stream games without the need for the original disk and just the .iso file? like any other GC game?

    ex. Crash bandicoot the wrath of cortex and star fox adventures are both notorious audio streaming games that suffer from this issue.

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