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    Hello, I would like help configuring my atmosphere loading.ini for the hbmenu.
    Right now I have it set as
    This enables me to open the homebrew menu with any app by holding the "R" button. I would like to have it so that just the album app opens the hbmenu without holding "R".
    So in other words I would like to reverse the nature of the "R" key for just the album app. Is this possible?
    I tried sticking an "!" in front of the title id but that did nothing.
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  2. hippy dave

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    Not directly with loader.ini afaik, but you can do it the old-fashioned way with layeredfs:

    Make a directory inside /atmosphere/titles called 010000000000100D
    Copy hbl.nsp into that new directory and rename it to exefs.nsp

    Now hbmenu will load when you open album without pressing anything. If your atmosphere is up to date your loader.ini should also have a default_config section after the hbl_config section, and if you haven't changed it you should see
    This means "not pressing L" will override stuff using layeredfs, so as long as you're not pressing L, album will open hbmenu, and if you hold L, it will open album.