Arma III Developers Released From Greek Prison

Discussion in 'User Submitted News' started by Gahars, Jan 15, 2013.

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    If you've opened a game-centered website in the past five months, you've no doubt heard the story of Ivan Buchta and Martin Pezlar. Just to recap: Both are developers from Bohemia Interactive, the studio responsible for the Arma series of realistic military simulators (you might know it better by Day Z, the zombie-centered mod for Arma II).

    Several months ago, Buchta and Pezlar were travelling through Greece, conducting research for the upcoming Arma installment. This apparently included taking pictures of military installations, which the Greek government took for espionage. The pair were imprisoned, and despite the protests of gamers and non-gamers alike (including Czech President Vaclav Klaus), their prospects for release seemed slim.

    Until now, that is.
    [​IMG] The Escapist

    While they are being released on bail, it's unclear what the Greek government will do from here. The pair may still face legal hurdles; hopefully cooler minds will prevail.

    Anyway, the important thing is that Buchta and Pezlar are finally heading home, where they can be reunited with their friends and loved ones - and, perhaps, think better of photographing the military bases of foreign nations.

    Just a suggestion.
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    5,000 euros?

    Not bad enough that they were detained for 5 months, but the Greek government also has to charge them an Arma and a leg.

    Truth be told, though, yeah photographing foreign military installations may not be the smartest thing to do (at least without a lot of warning, permission and all the stupid red tape).
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    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    That pun is literally what I was typing out, but then I thought how cheesy it would be.
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    The cheesier the better.
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    Wow, is Greece really THAT desperate for cash?
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    More likely that Greece got something under the table from it.

    Also, expect a Greek Prison map for the upcoming Arma game, lol.
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    Good to see they aren't being held in prison anymore. I would assume after all they've been through, they wouldn't want to help develop the game anymore.