Are there any DPG converters that work?

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    Okay, I've tried BatchDPG, there's always an error.
    DPGenc, another error.
    SUPER, yet another error at the end.

    SUPER always used to work, but now it just died.
    Could anybody please help with my converting crisis?

    (Oh yeah, and if you need to know, I convert flvs, I have Vista 64bit, and... yeah.)
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    I convert .flv's perfectly using DPGenc (the one that came with Sakura Tools, not the one that came with Moonshell 2.00 Beta 5). If you have the K-Lite Mega Codec Pack installed and have "pre-encode ffmpeg" selected in the options menu of DPGenc then it should convert. The big advantage I have found with this is perfect sync all the time no matter how long the video is and that it uses DPG3 meaning instant skipping.

    You could try using the DPGenc that came with Moonshell 2.00 Beta 5 because if I'm not mistaken, that one is just an update. However, I have had more success with the one packed with Sakura Tools using the same settings for some reason.
  3. DaRealChrono

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    Feb 26, 2009
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    Do you have all the codecs needed? Do you have AVI Synth? Do you have FFDShow? Are you encoding right? And finally, the best test is does the video files play in Windows Media Player.

    What I've used with BatchDPG is a conversion tool called Pazera FLV to AVI and the setting which I convert the FLV to are as follows:
    I've never had a failed attempt, outside of not having the right codecs, or laggy or out of sync video. Try this and it should work.