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Discussion in 'NDS - ROM Hacking and Translations' started by FrozenDragon150, Sep 10, 2015.

  1. FrozenDragon150

    FrozenDragon150 Notorious Coffee Drinker

    Nov 6, 2014
    Hello, i'd like to request a few AR codes for the following games.

    Pokemon Platinum (usa)
    Exp to all party members
    A code to, uh, make all pokemon in the current party gain exp and ev even if they didn't participate, like the one in bw.

    Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow (usa)
    Always Item Drop code
    I have an always soul drop code, but this one would be useful as well.

    Pokemon Conquest (usa)
    Instant grab treasures, there is this code for the jp version, that makes you get the dropped treasures without having to go to them.

    Thnxs in advance

    Btw i accidentally posted a request for the pkmn platinum code in the console discussion /facepalm
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