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    Nov 1, 2010
    I'm here to apologize for my bad critics and blame akaio team for the lack of esperience of acekard
    i do some research about the origins of the constant problems we(players) are have in play some new games
    i have some theory but nothing is for sure and a need some explanation here we go.

    back in 2007/2008 acekard was release in this time i think all we have in the micro sd category was 4 gigas.
    i thiink this coud be the great problem since the acekard was created in a time of low tecnology when comes to
    micro sd

    for short and technical acekard have an hardware and at some point in the near future there is nothing akaio
    coud do to make games work in acekard,firwares doesen't make miracle.

    ps: i don't know if i have some reason in this but is what i think
    pss: sorry about the bad english
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    It really doesn't matter the maximum size back in 200X, it's the standards and specifications for manufacturing.
    I believe this was only for some larger than 1GB Non-SDHC cards.

    However, the more likely problem you're running into is fake/counterfeit cards or 'ghost runs' which are when cards are manufactured at an official plant using defective/discarded/low quality parts and either sold as the brand or are packaged and swapped for real items and distributed.