Anyone having server issues in bf4?

Discussion in 'PS4 - Games & Content' started by Shadow_Boss, Jul 6, 2014.

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    Dec 19, 2011
    Sooo my clan and I are playing on this server that we rented, however everything we've tried including contacting a very unaware, and poorly trained customer service from EA, and resetting the server, we just cannot seem to get the server to increase tickets beyond 100%, we're aiming at 400....but its just not working

    and we've seen plenty of servers that are running at 250 and up...

    we got it to work once, when we played a game and during the game one of us changed the server from a bf4 preset to our custom one and it finally worked...but it takes forever to get someone into the game when we all left and came back to the server everything reset back to default

    also our custom preset ends up coming up as "Unknown preset" where as other people look like they're using the official battlefield 4 preset HARDCORE yet with custom settings lol

    so...i dont know what to do anymore...

    ALSO, i saw a european server that had a 64 player tdm with max tickets (which i joined to confirm), but when we create a TDM its max 20 i don't understand, is there some custom firmware, breakthrough, something that I'm not aware of? how are people pulling these things off?

    any help is greatly appreciated

    okay, so here's how it actually

    you create your preset, play the game, it'll adjust to your settings after the first round.........

    I really don't understand why effffffffffffffffffffing EA couldn't have just told us that when we requested help.

    I feel like they just don't know.
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