Anyone considered encouraging development via bitcoin donation?

Discussion in '3DS - Homebrew Development and Emulators' started by feebmc, Mar 31, 2014.

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    I know people will be skeptical after the whole decapping debacle but there are plenty of developers out there, who are very much capable of doing what many people want (A card free solution) but have no interest in working for free. I was seriously considering seeing if anyone was willing to release a simple free (at first) equivalent to gateway when I assumed that it was dead but now have no interest in doing that, since they are the only dedicated for profit team doing anything that we are aware of.

    I think the most obvious tool right now and one that should be a lot more easy then most people imagine based on the information located on certain githubs/wiki's and so on. Is a solution to dump eshop releases into a format lacking a signature. There are a lot of complaints about tools not being available but the information is out there for those that have the skill to use it.

    No-one with any sense would obviously contribute a cent until some sort of limited beta had been released as proof and motivation for funding. I see a lot of people complaining and whining about real developers not handing everything out on a silver platter or developers who don't want to support piracy. The you owe us stuff attitude also really goes against the ethos of the "scene" as well, where nothing is free or at least it never used to be until p2p/torrents became the norm.

    I am just skeptical that the community would cough up enough money to justify it for certain people but what do you guys think?

    BTW I am not a developer and haven't talked/seen any of the people who may have been involved in other scenes in a long time.

    Please close this if this is not appropriate. This is more a thread for people to post if/what they would donate and for any developers out there, to see if the reward is worth the work.
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    Ummm, I think flipping burgers would pay more (and is easier) if money was a concern. Unless you start paying hourly, then it's not going to work. I don't care about a few measly bitcoins. I want over 9000 bitcoins. You get what I'm saying?
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    If developers are going to ask for donations might as well as ask for bitcoin/litecoin as well. I don't know who would waste their money on it though, especially considering the whole 3ds chip decapping scam going on.