Any guide about open the Wii DVD?

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    Yeah, a disc is stuck in the dvd on Wii so i guess i just need a triwing open the shit and then, what?

    Is there any guide that showing how to open the dvd, like this?


    for the disc is stuck right there and i dont know if i can use the triwing to open the dvd like the pic! is there any guide about this? i dont think there is one here on gbatemp
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    You need a philip's screwdriver to remove the DVD cover.

    Its all the screws that are on the DVD plate.

    Do not touch the screws that are attached to the green PCB board that is underneath. Only work on the Metal Plate.

    Just be careful when removing the plate. The mechanical cogs are not going to fall out or anything as they are attached to the metal plate but its best to be precautious.

    Putting it back is simple.