1. Polarise

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    Jul 12, 2016
    United States
    Hello, I am interested in programming and want to learn how to do so and I think that a Raspberry Pi could be a good tool.

    I am looking at a budget for around $30.

    I would like it to include:
    • Raspberry Pi itself
    • Case
    • Any adapters
    • Anything else necessary

    Do you know where I could get a kit that is good?
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  2. Alkéryn

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    Mar 15, 2015
    Go on adafruit or the pi hut(cheaper) they have good offers

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    If it is for a zero, go on the pi hut or adafruit otherwise for a 3a or 2b... You can just go on ebay
  3. Deleted User

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    If you wanna just learn programming I suggest to start with things you prob. own- android/pc/ios. Most of the people dont have a raspberry pi just to learn programming as that could be done on any device... go learn python (or any other easy language) and run it on your pc (just download python) or on android (QPython3). When you will have some basic knowledge in programming- go buy a pie... its just a full pc and you wanna buy it just for learning?
    Anyways, theres no much you can get for 30$ as the pi 3 is 35$ by itself and older versions arent really worth it. I would recommend buying a pi zero w (which is like the pi but with wifi/bluetooth) which is 10$, a micro usb charger (most likely you own one, they are really cheap), usb otg cable which will allow you to connect usb devices to the pi (like keyboard and flash drive), micro sd card of atleast 8gb (buy them locally as in the websites with pi's they arent cheap) should cost less them 10$, you need also a monitor/tv and hdmi/mini hdmi... that all summed up should be about 30$, and its not including mouse/keyboard
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