Any documentation on starlet?

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    like its encryption and stuff?
    I wana check out some documentation on it because I'm okay on decryption and wana mess with it.

    Post your info and such.

    edit: I found this.
    It controls
    The Starlet handles at least these tasks in the Wii

    * NAND access / filesystem
    * DVD subsystem
    * Authentication (RSA, EC, SHA1, HMAC-SHA1) and encryption/decryption (AES, RSA, EC)
    * USB HCD (generic USB interface), Keyboard driver, Ethernet driver
    * WiFi (both for networking and communication with Nintendo DS devices)
    * TCP/IP and UDP
    * SD card
    * GPIO (Sensor bar, drive LED, power LED, etc)
    * Audio/Video encoder (I2C) bus

    Since its a piece of hardware(says wiibrew) it'll be hard to hack. If possible...(it might have some firmware rom)
    I'm assuming that if that does. it has AES and RSA encryption which is near impossible to crack...
    Starlet also handles the file system. which means we might never get a file browser :/
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    you don't hack starlet, you hack software running on Starlet (IOS and other stuff)
    this is already possible

    what would you like to do more ? we already have IOS as a piece of code which can access everything on the wii and do AES/RSA stuff for you ... and libogc to communicate with IOS