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    Jul 1, 2013
    ok so im trying to translate anone just so i can get used to translating ds games abd i thought it would be ok for a newb but after unpacking the rom ive kinda hit a snag and need some help
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    You are trying to translate a piece of software aimed for use at the language impaired ( ) as your first translation... might want to pick an easier one (I usually suggest playing with New Super Mario Brothers, Megaman ZX or Animal crossing).

    Still I had a look, I am not overly sure how I would set about programming such a tool or what would be necessary to do it well which goes double should I be doing it in Japanese (and given this hit very specialist software prices it probably does it well). Actually surprising is that almost all the files are standard graphics format stuff (NCLR, NCER, NANR, NCGR and the rest of them), the standard NFTR fonts and normal sound files. I did not spot any text though I did not look hard and the binary looked pretty promising, to say nothing of much of it being text as images (certainly most of the UI appeared as such in the files I looked at).

    Others reading I did spot some .a files which look like some measure of half compiled source code (strings wise I only got a bunch of what look like standard library error messages) for the graphics and sound.

    the error messages