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    Feb 21, 2013
    Today Im going to teach you how to make a web browser for you android phone with App Inventor

    1.Create a new project (NOTE: Any space in project name must be replaced by underscores e.g. Test_Project).

    2.Go to the screen arrangements tab down the left-hand side, click on it and drag the horizontal screen arrangement onto the phone screen display.

    3.Go to the basics tab down the left-hand side and drag a text box into the horizontal screen arrangement. Do the same with a button, so the button and the text box go side-by-side.

    4.Go to the 'not ready for prime time' tab and select the web viewer and drag it onto the phone display screen under the horizontal screen arrangement.

    5. Under the web browser add another screen arrangement.

    6.Then go to the 'other stuff' tab and drag the speech recognizer onto the phone display screen. (NOTE: Nothing should appear on your phone display screen).

    7. Then add another button into the screen arrangement.

    8.At the top of your phone screen display add another horizontal screen arrangement and then put 3 buttons into the screen arrangements.

    9.Towards the top of your page there should be a button saying 'Open Blocks Editor'. Click on it and then a file should start downloading. Open this. This should be the blocks editor.

    10.On the my blocks tab go to button1 and drag in button1.click. Go to webviewer1 and drag in the blue webviewer1.url block into the button1.click block. Then go the textbox1 and drag in the textbox1.text onto the end of the webviewer1.url block.

    You can stop here if you want a simple web browser. Carry on for the more advanced stuff.

    11.Drag in button2.click, webbrowser1.goback and put the goback block into the button2,click

    12.Do the same for the others(button3.click: gohome, button4.click: goforward).

    13.Drag in button5.click into your workspace. Then go to the speechrecognizer1 tab and drag speechregonizer1.getspeech into the button5.click.

    14.And then add under that (still in the button5.click) the blue textbox1.text block and add the speechrecognizer1.result block onto the end of that.

    That is the web browser done. On the website you can package your browser for you phone by downloading it to your computer as an .apk and then putting it on your phone or you can test your app while in development by installing the MIT AICompanion app from the play store.

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