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    Ugh. This is getting ri-god-damn-diculous. As you know I now seem to have my PSP's analogue stick working via the JoySens plugin, seems to have stopped messing up. For the most part. But now when I go in to the web browser the pointer no longer moves. It'll jump between points of interest and I can still scroll using the D-Pad, but it no longer moves freely, which is odd because it always used to. It's hardly a major issue but if anyone has any suggestions..? The stick also seems a bit 'heavy' lately. Seems less inclined to move. It still works but it feels like I have to be quite heavy handed with it. Especially in Harvest Moon HOLV, but then that might just be the ridiculously slow walking speed playing tricks on my mind.

    Also, why is my PSP such a picky bitch? I have Harvest Moon Hero of Leaf Valley and Soul Calibur Broken Destiny on my card, along with my plethora of PS1 games. If the PSP is empty, only the PS1 games work. If I put Harvest Moon Boy+Girl or Monster Hunter Freedom 2 in, Harvest Moon will work but not Soul Calibur. If I put Final Fantasy Dissidia in, everything works. It's like Final Fantasy has healing powers or something. And it's not the first time, either. My Blu-Ray of Advent Children Complete fixed my neighbour's PS3.

    Final issue. I'm having trouble with a few PS1 games, notably Dino Crisis 2. It seems to work fine but freezes just after the first playable section. IS there a way to fix this, or should I just delete it in favour of something else?