All data on SD card got deleted, HELP

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by rdomi95, Aug 13, 2014.

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    Okay I'm new and not the best at this whole hacking thing and my brother was the one who originally hacked my Wii. So I was too lazy to get the newest version of Project M so my friend decided to do it when he came over and for some reason he brilliantly decided to delete everything on the SD card before he put in the new version. -_-

    I don't know if I have to rehack the Wii or what. I think my brother originally hacked it with Mail Bomb or something and i have the homebrew channel, Wii Flow, NeoGamma, and several NES/SNES games as there own channel(for whatever reason). I believe the homebrew channel and the games are installed to the Wii as they open normally While Wii Flow and NeoGamma just go to a black screen for a bit then go back to the homescreen.

    Now I basically want whats in this thread: so i can play both GameCube and Wii games off the harddrive as I originally had NeoGamma to play GameCube games off a disk.

    Do I have to delete everything off the Wii and reinstall them? They are all from about 4 years ago so the homebrew channel has probably been updated since then too. The thread I linked said to put files in the apps folder and whatnot, how do I get those back? My brother said I may have to unhack it and then hack it again but in the few threads I looked up on that subject people just kept saying don"t bother unhacking without even explaining why. Also should I delete Wii Flow and Neogamma once I get the homebrew channel folders back, if so how?

    P.S. Sorry for the long post
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    No need to Reinstall anything......if all ur channels and forwarders worked fine before then its already installed on your Wii System Memory

    If u wanna use Emulators/Homebrew/Wiiflow/Neogamma by loading them from the Wii Menu like u had before you just need to :

    *Download the App/USB Loader/Homebrew u had before or wanna use
    *Make a Folder called "apps" on the Root of your SD Card....all your Apps will go into this folder so when u load thru Channels/Forwarders it will find each .DOL file to Boot the actual program
    *If u wanna play GC games make sure your HD is formatted to FAT32 and make a "games" folder on the Root of your Harddrive
    *U can use Wiiflow to load both Wii & GC games if wanted by just choosing whuat Loader u wanna use for GC games either DIOS MIOS or Nindendont

    U should try to get Abzs Masterpiece Pack as it has everything setup just for you to Extract to your SD Card
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    Create a folder called "apps" on the SD card (without the quotations).

    Download WiiFlow. It will be a zip file. Open it. Open the apps folder. Now, on the SD card, go in the apps folder and copy the wiiflow folder to your SD card.

    Now download NeoGamma. Make sure you are at the root (the start) of the SD card. Open the NeoGamma zip file and copy all the contents to the root of your SD card. It will ask you to merge the apps folder. Say Yes.

    And you're done!

    PLEASE don't use Abz's Masterpiece Pack. It can screw people's Wiis up.