AK2.1 - Warning for BAD BATCH

Discussion in 'Acekard' started by penthaler, Mar 21, 2010.

  1. penthaler

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    Oct 28, 2009
    Dont want to make a flame topic, but many users of Acekard Ak2.1 posted here questions like
    - I cant run game
    - I cant run AKAIO (1.6)
    - game still freezes when starting
    - game cant save

    For those who have problems with this try these steps:
    - properly format microsd
    - download and install AKAIO 1.5.1 (1.5, 1.4.1)
    --- if doesnt work
    - donwload and install oficial Acekard v4.07a15

    There is huge possibility, that if you buy ACEKARD AK2.1 since December 2009, you got a "bad batch", and the only way to play games on it, is that you install older AKAIO or oficial Acekard v 4.07a15

    Acekard team is working for a new system for these cards.

    Till that time, wait with 4.07a15 or buy Acekard AK2i (or another type of flashcard)
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    There's one other possibility not mentioned - but personnally I thought 1.6RC1 couldn't work on 'clones'

    If you tried running games and end up with a Green screen after the 'Loading...' - You most probably got a 'Clone' as mentioned in AKAIO Forums