Airfoam Gamepouch for 3DS

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    Hello GBAtemp,

    Always carrying around your 3DS? Well, I can imagine that you don't want to get it damaged. This carrybag, the Airfoam Gamepouch, by Project Design, was made to protect your precious game console, along with storage room for your games. In this video review, I will be talking about the Carry bag itself, watch and find out![/p]


    So what's my verdict on this little carry bag? To find out, we're gonna make some scores. The maximum score is a 10.0 for being great, and 1.0 for being very bad. The scores are based on Design, Functionality, durability and the little add-ons

    Design: 8.9
    As the Airfoam Gamepouch comes in three diffrent colors, the flame red has caught my attention. In my opinion, it looks very nice. The top of the bag has three blocks designed into the material. Next to it, there is a 3D print. In the inside, there is room for three games, a stylus and some of your goodies. However, you can't stow away the big goodies, as there is limited space. It's gray from the inside, but feels soft.

    Functionality: 8.5
    The bag does what it's supposed to do: protect the console. It will also have room for three games. The bag will close nicely, so there is no little hole where dust, or any foreign materials can enter the bag. The zipper is somewhat sturdy, as it will open slow in the beginning. 2 Zippers make the bag secure. What could have been added was a soft place under the 3ds space, as it does feel pretty hard. But despite that, the system stays at it's place, and won't get damaged.

    Durability: 9.0
    The bag is one tough cookie! Really, this was tested by letting stuff fall down on it while it was closed. I've stowed away a "dummy system"(old broken ds) inside, and let the thing also fall down a few times. There is no damage to the system. (Although you might want to look out still, as letting it fall from a building will surely DESTROY both the bag and the system [​IMG])

    The optional Add-ons (not to be taken serious): 8
    As it comes with some space for stuff other than games, there is also a strap. It feels good, but very plastic. The other thing inside, as showed in the video, was a cleaning cloth with the PD logo. It will surely come in handy, as long as you dont make it dirty.

    So, to conclude, this is a reccomended product. It's rough and tough, and does what its made for, in style.

    Thank you for watching and reading. As this is my first ever review, please comment and give tips where needed! I really look forward to see your verdict on my review!
    Also big thanks to the team from, as they were kind enough to provide this sample to me!

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    I have that pouch in black. Ordered it from dealextreme as it was the best looking 3DS pouch they had. A bit cramped on space (I keep 3 games and a retractable USB charging cable in it, and it bulges a bit where the USB cable is) but otherwise a nice pouch. Comes with a sturdy wrist strap as well, I couldn't break it by pulling it hard so I trust it to not break under use.