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Jan 21, 2009
durham, UK
Hey everyone

Born again ex-psp fanboy here. I like portable gaming consoles because I spend a lot of time on public transport both for work and in my free time. The PSP was a great little device, but the load times meant I spent most of my journey waiting for games to load, and after a few months I found I was using the psp as nothing more than a bulky glorified ipod. My ex housemate lured me mainly through mariokart. So i gave in and traded my psp in for a shiny black pre-owned ds lite. Fun for a while but very quickly the appeal faded and my ds only ever left the shelf for the occaisonal multiplayer mario kart stint, and the top screen somehow cracked in my pocket. I didnt even like using it as a glorified ipod as I had the GBA mp3 player, with nasty read times for large folders, and it stuck out a mile (approximately) from the ds lite case.
Just as all hope was lost for my plucky little DS, my fiance saved the day by getting me an M3 DS REAL for christmas. initially I was kind of underwhelmed, M3 Sakura (installed by my ex housemate pre-christmas) confused me, and frankly Ive never been a fan of illegal gaming, much rather have the real thing. But then one day in the office I started some hardcore google-fu and forum lurking, absorbing as much information as I could about the world of DS homebrew, till my spongey brain could barely hold any more. I blanked my ds real, uninstalled sakura and installed the latest ds real firmware, and a beta translation of moonshell. Then after some more lurking, uninstalled that and put m3 sakura back on, along with some funky new skins and this so far is my findings

DSOrganize - metric tonnes of potential, I really should use this more than I do, even if i do have to boot different firmware to make it run
IRCDS - cant get it to connect to a wifi hotspot yet, but I will..... ohhh yes
Jenesis - bit finicky on running some games, but playing chaos engine on my ds was a rush of pure joy wrapped in a caramelised layer of sticky nostalgic goodness
ipod thingy- this looked pretty sweet if a little bugged on the ds real firmware, however since installing sakura I cant make it work in any of my triple boot options
dsdoom - *drool* good lord this is freaking awesome, bg music would be nice but i understand theres only so much the little ds can do
m3sakura - great little OS, homebred incompatibilites are a pain, but its infinitely sweeter than the standard m3 ds firmware, and you cant help but love sliding files and folders over to the right to open them
moonshell - since i now have sakura i dont use moonshell all that much, but the gears of war skin means ill never uninstall it

now my only problem is the crack in my top screen is getting steadily worse, but to fix it Id have to live without my ds for at least a week, *shudders*


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Apr 18, 2008
DS Scene
Welcome man, you seem very keen which is cool!

I hope your poor little DS pulls through ok, I shall throw up a prayer or two for it!


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