After taking apart N3DS, home button/mic unresponsive

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    Jan 27, 2016
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    I just took apart my new 3ds to replace the bottom screen that wasn't working properly. I swapped it out with another system and the screen seems fine now. However, the mic and home button have become unresponsive.
    As far as I can tell, I didn't rip any ribbon cables and everything seems to be in place. I was as cautious as possible, and I followed this visual guide:

    I'm paranoid that when I slightly lifted the arms as shown at around 11:26 in the video I might have damaged something, even though I was even more careful about it than the man in the video. Those ribbon cables can now be removed pretty easily from the slot, with a little resistance. The two ribbon cables shown there belong to the home button and microphone, both of which don't work for me. Any thoughts or solutions would be greatly appreciated as I really hope I didn't accidentally trash my system.

    Edit: I just swapped the physical mics between the two systems, and my microphone works now. Not sure if that means I messed up the mic's cable somewhere along the way, or if I maybe didn't "lock" the ribbon in place well enough. I'm going to try swapping the home button pressure switches to see if that works too.

    Edit 2: I didn't need to swap the pressure switches after all. Apparently when I reassembled the console, I didn't "close" the ribbon cables' grips enough. It takes a little bit of force to get them down enough so that the input registers. I'm going to leave this topic open so that if anyone encounters this issue in the future, this might be able to help them.
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