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    A few days ago I got reiNAND autobooting with ctrbootmanager running on my N3DSXL and everything has been running smoothly.

    About a day ago I put in a DS game and played it for a bit, when I was done I exited and powered down the 3DS. Later when I powered the console back on it would not automatically boot onto emunand (I tried multiple times), it would stay frozen on the ctrbootmanager screen right before it count down to 0. What is interesting was that if I chose to load HBL through ctr and then launched reinand through there it booted with no problems.

    Eventually I resolved this autoboot freeze by copying over a fresh set of files from the reinand installation, this allowed autoboot to work again. However I noticed that the date and time of the console was messed up (set it to sometime in 2019).

    I went to the system settings and fixed the time and day, then went into Activity Log (for the first time since installing emunand.) to see if the dates in there were also affected. Here is where I found my current problem, under the bar graph for Daily Records it shows ?????????s as the main title played all day and night since emunand was installed. Here's a picture of how it looks like:

    As a side note, out of curiosity I went into sysNAND to see what the Activity Log looked like in there and it took FOREVER to open, eventually when it did, it had the same problem as the emuNAND. The NANDs are unlinked. Also don't know if it matters but I did do a system transfer to this console when I set everything up.

    Also I'm aware that for some people it shows system settings or something similar instead of keeping track of the game time played. However, it's weird because it IS keeping track of the played time under the Software Library and because I haven't seen anyone else with the ?'s issue. Also I used the same exact method of setting up a friend's N3DSXL (sans system transfer) and her Activity Log works fine.

    So my questions are:
    1. Did playing a DS game mess something up with the autoboot of reiNAND? And why did it still boot under HBL but not though ctr when it previously did?
    2. Why did the date/time get changed? And did my fix for the above problem cause this?
    3. Does anyone know how to fix the Activity Log situation.
    Honestly, I just want to know why these things happened so I'm more familiar the whole homebrew situation and to make sure there's nothing I need to fix before I have to start over and lose Mii Plaza progress again :P. I don't really mind the Activity Log being broken but just want to make sure it won't cause any problems down the line.

    I solved the ????'s title in my emuNAND. The fix is below for anyone who also ran across this issue and couldn't find a solution. Please be aware that I used Windows to do this so the instructions will be written for it.


    The above being said, as long as you apply this fix to your emunand and not your sysnand you can always restore a backup (which you should make) of the emunand and be okay.

    You will need the following tools:
    For easier setup, extract padxorer and 3DSFAT16Tool on the same directory, I'll refer this as the working directory from now on.
    1. Launch Decrypt9 on your 3DS and create a backup of your emuNAND by going to EmuNAND Options > EmuNAND Backup.
    2. Still in Decrypt9 under XORpad Generator Options run CTRNAND Padgen and let it finish.
    3. Mount your micro/SD card on your PC. You should have a NAND.bin and a nand.fat16.xorpad on the root directory. Copy these files to the working directory. Keep a separate copy of the NAND.bin somewhere else in case you have to restore.
    4. Open up a command prompt on your working directory. Then run: -d -n3ds nand.bin fat16.bin
      NOTE: If you have an OLD 3DS, REMOVE the -n3ds tag from the command.
      This will exctract the FAT16 Partition from your NAND.
    5. Still in the command prompt, execute:
      padxorer.exe fat16.bin nand.fat16.xorpad
    6. You should now have a file called fan16.bin.out on your working directory. Open it with WinImage.
    7. Navigate and delete the files INSIDE these folders (the files you're deleting should be titled 00000000) We will be deleting the PTM and Activity Log savegames.
      \data\{random id}\sysdata\00010022\
      \data\{random id}\sysdata\00020212\ (This is for a US 3DS. The ID for JPN is 00020202 and for EUR 00020222)
    8. Save and return to your command prompt. Re encrypt your FAT16 partition by running:
      padxorer.exe fat16.bin.out nand.fat16.xorpad
    9. Finally, reinject the FAT16 partition back into the NAND image (remember to remove the -n3ds argument if you're on an old 3DS): -i -n3ds nand.bin fat16.bin.out.out
    10. Move this NAND.bin image back to the root of your SD card, put it in your 3DS and turn it on.
    11. Launch Decrypt9 and under EmuNAND Options run EmuNAND Restore and select the NAND.bin that we just moved back.
    12. If it all goes well, boot back into your emuNAND and your Activity Log will act as a first time setup and everything will be clean :)
    I suspect this fix MIGHT also work on the sysNAND but I don't really care to risk that since I do everything in emuNAND anyway and I'm not hardmodded.

    Plus, it's possible that this will happen in sysNAND either way since from what I read this is caused by the *hax entrypoint, however for some reason on systemtransfers this also affects emuNAND (found these two threads with people who had the same problem after a system transfer: and
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