Question Accessing FTP while Switch is sleeping in SX OS

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    With SX OS 1.6, I haven't been able to get the built in Always-on FTP function to work (yet) however, FTPd works fine... but I was wondering in the event where I can get the built in Always-on FTP function to work properly, would it be possible to access the FTP server while the switch is docked/sleeping? This way, if I want to send an nsp file to the sd card while I am away from home, I can do so via remote desktop to my computer then connecting to the FTP server and initiating the file transfer.

    It would kind of be like simulating when you purchase a game on the eshop and Nintendo pushes it to your console so its ready to play later, except with this it will be ready to install later.
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    Docked, yes. Sleep mode, no it has to be turned on for the FTP connection to work. Though i should warn you, transferring large files over FTP takes a LONG time, it's really slow