A9LH help, Health & Safety app missing!

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    Jan 23, 2015
    Hi guys, i'm using GW emunand 11.0 as my REDnand but before that i already had FBI installed on my gw emunand and did not realize that.

    I followed the steps and on part 4 section 1, i did all this
    1. Open Decrypt9 (This can sometimes take a few tries), then go to "EmuNAND Options", then "Miscellaneous...", then select the "Health & Safety Dump" option to dump Health & Safety to hs.app (you can use Up and Down / Left and Right to change the name)
    2. Press Select to eject your SD card, then put it in your computer
    3. Extract Universal Inject Generator, then copy both hs.app from your SD card and FBI.ciafrom the FBI zip to the input folder
    4. Double click go.bat (or execute go.sh with Terminal on Linux, or double clickMac_inject_launcher.app on Mac)
    5. Copy FBI_inject_with_banner.app to the root of your SD card and reinsert your SD card into your 3DS
    6. Press B on Decrypt9, then go to "EmuNAND Options", then "Miscellaneous...", and select the "Health & Safety Inject" option
    7. Press down once to select FBI_inject_with_banner.app, then press A and confirm to inject
    8. Go to the main menu, then press Start to reboot
    so after i did all the backups and reached part 4 section 3, REDNAND prep.
    I realised i can't open my H&S app, asked me to download from nintendo eshop.
    i figured it was the FBI cia that was in my emunand fault thus i uninstalled it and tried injecting it in again using Decrypt9.

    Went back to my emunand and my H&S app is gone. What do i do now?
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    Try downloading health and safety app from the NUS (Funkeycia) and install it.
  3. SimplyFedorable

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    Or you can use "that iso site"