A question about learning OpenGL

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    I was thinking of learning OpenGL from this website (https://open.gl/). I haven't gotten very far in the tutorial (I only read part of the Context Creation tab).

    I want to use OpenGL with QT, but the libraries listed (in the context creation section) don't talk about QT. I only have interest using OpenGL with QT since I want to learn how to make an application tool rather than a game. However, I don't mind learning OpenGL with another library if the knowledge can easily be applied to QT.

    So my question is: Would the knowledge I learn OpenGL from this website also apply to using OpenGL on QT, or should I find a tutorial that focuses on learning how to use OpenGL with QT.
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    The knowledge you would gain from learning OpenGL + library X would pretty much translate well to OpenGL + library Y. However, by using Qt which have GL wrappers that don't exist with other libraries, you will have additional things to learn. The only thing you may want from Qt is the context creation.

    For all the talk about "modern OpenGL" I suggest to go with the deprecated OpenGL and introduce concepts one by one.
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