A New DVD Mplayer for Wii

Discussion in 'Wii U - Hacking & Backup Loaders' started by manic.blood1993, Feb 19, 2016.

  1. manic.blood1993

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    Nov 10, 2014
    Hey Im a newcomer here and was wondering if there is demand for an update to Mplayer CE DVD player? Currently it can play movies from 2010 and earlier. Ive looked at the source but personally don't know where to start. I d be willing to donate regularly for such a build using Patreon etc What's your view?

  2. EpicLPer

    EpicLPer Nice unless you give me a reason to hate you ;)

    Mar 13, 2015
    On the vWii? What... You can do that on the normal Wii already, there are "Media Center" like websites you could try and play your movies on.
  3. CeeDee

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    May 4, 2014
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    Why not, like, torrent a movie, convert it into a format the Wii U can play, then watch it through a homebrew app?
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