A good tablet for emulation.

Discussion in 'General Gaming Discussion' started by coolcono, Jul 31, 2017.

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    I was curious was what out there.
    I read that some Surface Pros can manage dolphin, but I wouldn't know what to buy,.
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    The Shield K1 tablet is actually quite good for emulation, but it depends on your budget.
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    I forgot
    What kind of tablet do you want? Android or Windows? Or, I guess a better question, what's the max gen you want to emulate? And how much do you have to spend?

    For Android, the best ATM is the Shield Tablet, but that doesn't emulate Dolphin very well at all.

    For Windows, the Surface devices are fairly decent but can be a bit pricey if you buy new. The Surface Pro 2 works well enough with Dolphin. I had one and it ran most Wii and GC games fairly well, stuff that's a bit more demanding like Skyward Sword won't be as playable however. Because you'll be using an iGPU with any tablet, you won't get great visual performance as well (I would imagine 720p would be the limit for most games depending on the tablet), so keep that in mind. So any Surface Pro model 2+ would work fine for Dolphin at 720p max. Do note that you want the Surface Pro, not a regular Surface as those have lower performance hardware.

    Alternatively, you could try picking up the Lenovo Miix 510 which is basically a cheaper Surface Pro 4 that will work just as well.

    But, honestly, you should really go for at least a laptop if you want an "on the go" emulation machine for GC/Wii. You'll get better performance that way, and won't have any issues like lack of USB ports and short(er) battery life. Any tablet PC will have thermal throttling (meaning when the CPU gets hot, it'll throttle performance which will definitely cause issues with any emulator), which most Laptops at least work a bit better in that regard. Sure, it might be a bit more bulky, but it's better than nothing.