a good flash cart for a DS Lite?

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    Apr 6, 2009
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    I want something white that'll fit into my ds lite slot without sticking out(preferably) and be white and I have an R4, and I heard some flashcarts don't work with r4 which i don't really get so someone explain that to me please. i'll probably just be playing pokemon hacks. also, how many games do most flash carts hold?
    I think this was structured very oddly so i hope you guys understand this.

    edit: i meant a cart that will play gba games by the way, just in case you didn't get me.
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    First how about about considering which flashcarts you can afford. Maybe you heard people saying that some slot2 flashcarts don't work with the r4. The number of games depends on the microsd card memory capacity:(1GB,2GB,4GB,etc). As for white color you might trying buying a white ink felt pen. Also your questions were posted in the wrong forum.
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    Since you posted in the GBA section, are you planning to use this flashcart for GBA games?

    If you are, don't get one of the really cheap cards.
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    Apr 25, 2009
    R4 is steadily going downhill since the owners have split up there are copies everywhere and never gets updated

    if you are planning to play GBA games the best way to go is just buy a new flashcart.

    They arent that expensive.

    an M3 is one of the best cards, you can buy one from
    for 49 dollars. this includes

    1 x M3 DS Real
    1 x MicroSD Card Reader
    1 x Rumble Pack
    1 x GBA Expansion Pack
    1 x 2 GB microSD

    You can get larger SD cards but 2gb is about all that you need unless you are planning on using it for more than DS and GBA games.

    Well worth it. It is much simpler and user friendly, and 5 times more capabilities than the R4
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    if you want cheap then just buy an AK or EZflash; M3real is only if you want something smexishy and expensive.

    don't post a topic in the wrong forum, and welcome to Gbatemp.net o-o"

    good luck. have common sense. let your brain guide you. God loves you. ;D
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    m3 ds real for me.