A few questions about Disgaea DS

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    Without further ado, here are the questions:

    1. Is it possible to get more than one Hyperdrive in a single-player?
    I have obtained one Hyperdrive from my Legendary Glorious, but when I went into my Legendary Arcadia and killed Item God 2 WITHOUT exiting at all, I didn't find a Hyperdrive in my storage, is it limited to one time only? If I DO can get another copy of it, how? I tried to go into it, but its Item God 2 didn't hold it

    2. How do I actually maximize my stats with reincarnation?
    I've reincarnated my Laharl 3 times, he's currently at 60ks stat and levels lost for the reincarnation process is currently around 10ks (about 13k or so). Granted, it does look like he's getting stronger with each incarnation, however to maximize my stats, do I have to simply repeat this process or do I have to do something else too?

    3. What is the point of killing Prinny Baal many times?
    When I browsed through the cheats, I noticed there's Prinny Baal Tier I through VI, is there an apparent benefit of killing him 6 times and defeat all of the tiers (I noticed Prinny Baal gets stronger each time I go back) other than the apparent EXP, Nemesis Mk-II, and Prinny Suit?

    4. What is the last Extra Enemy?
    I took a look at the Records and it told me I've killed Item Bosses, Prinny God, Adell, Rozalin, Baal, Prinny Baal, Majorly, and Priere, however, there are 2 empty entries. I assume one is Zetta, but what is the last one?
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