A Few Laptop Problems

Discussion in 'Computer Games and General Discussion' started by Rock Raiyu, Sep 6, 2008.

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    So yeah, last weekend I got a new laptop. An XPS M1530 Laptop running Windows Vista Basic, 4GB RAM, 360GB Space, GT Force 8600 Video Card, and lot more features. Anyways, here's my problem.

    I was cleaning it up a bit cause I had stuff all over my laptop that either I don't use anymore or just taking up space. I use SpaceMonger to see how much space I have left. I have 285 GB of space to begin with. (The other 75GB must be system files.) I have only about 220GB of space somehow.


    I know I don't even have that much stuff installed on my computer. Somehow the unscannable folders take up almost 40GB of space which wasn't there before. When I add up the other stuff. (Programs, Windows, Source Codes, Packages, and Program Files) they all equal only 20GB. So my question is it safe to go around the unscannable folders and deleting stuff? Or am I stuck losing 40GB as it rises?

    Another problem is that when I'm installing programs, the laptop screen keeps flashing and it gets annoying. Anyway I can fix that?

    Edit: Ok, I fixed the flashing problem but I still have the space problem.

    Edit 2: Ok, I fixed all my problems.