A better HARDMOD guide

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    Aug 7, 2016
    The guide linked on Plailect's guide is somehow not user friendly or noob friendly especially the n3ds section of the guide. Not only does it lack pictures but somehow the steps seems insufficient, either some steps were skipped or summarized too much.

    I know it's too much to ask but if there is anyone with a guide better than what I described or any other tutorials that I could use to cross reference to other guides please help me. Video is the best for me, however most of the guides in YouTube are not in English. Thanks
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    You are being way too misunderstanding. Do you want a better guide for a hardmod itself or a hardmod downgrade?
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    Feb 7, 2016
    wheres the Prob? Just solder them four cables and use Win32DiskImager to read / wright.

    The Autofirm Part isnĀ“t comlicated at all.

    Just choose the two Files you need and put your Backup in the Folder as well. Then Patch and flash back. Thats it. ;-)

    Greetz Seb