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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by pwsincd, Feb 9, 2012.

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    Dec 4, 2011
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    Hi all my names Paul , been using this site for years as a source of info without even becoming a member until recently , and since then have received lots of help and assistance from the guys heavily involved with the wii softmod scene , much apprciated too . Im starting more and more to feel at home here and try my best to assist noobier noobs than myself if possible .

    My gaming setup/interests :

    PC : old skool MOHAAS clan gaming , and UT2k4 also.
    WII : modded with modmii for the kids pleasure. (and a dead on that i will one send to DeadlyFoez for his pleasure)
    2 x 3ds again for the kids , one with an acekard2i the other with a R4 3DS
    ps3 phat unmodded : MW3 online is mainly all it does.
    too many xboxes to mention all died of RROD one left still alive but is temperamental to say the least , chipped but dunno which. Not used refuse to pay the XBL fees anymore.

    history of gaming machines :

    ZX81 :) , commodore vic20 , ZX Spectrum , BBC Micro , Mastersystem , Megadrive , MegaCD , GBA , XBOX , DSL.

    anyways nice to meet you all , this site is without doubt the best around in its genre.
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    You have my eternal respect