6.35 Hen Pro - OpenIdea ISO Loader or CPS1/CPS2 Emulators

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    Guys - very fustrated at the moment and I was hoping you can at least tell me these are impossible on my setup so I can stop trying!

    I have a 3001 psp with 6.35 HEN Pro. I am trying to get the following to work:

    1) CPS1/CPS2 Emulator - the only emulator I can't get to work! the games load fine and the emu starts but it goes directly to the emu title screen, refusing me the ability to actually play the game. I can actually adjust settings but when I go "back to game" it goes back to the emu menu. I am using the 3000 version of the emulator

    2) Openidea ISO - I was using Prometheus but capcom classic reloaded and remixed worked but eventually didn't resulting in messed up graphics or crashing when I select one of the games on the disc. I tried to install openidea iso loader to see if that was better and I can't get it to work on my 6.35 hen pro - prob b/c I don't have plugins or a vsh.txt to edit.

    EDIT - let me also add that the latest snes emu loads fine but keeps on asking if I want to quit even if I say no, resulting in my having to say quit which crashes the HEN exploit.

    Any help?
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    had some problems finding a proper snes emulator too, but i found out the one on wololo.net under 15 hbl homebrew essentials works.

    oi iso loader doesn't work yet, plugin isn't updated yet for 6.35 firmware