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    Oct 9, 2015
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    So yea. My R4 SDHC just turns off my 3ds when booting, while it used to work. It does boot on a friends 3ds however. What could cause this? I'm on the latest luma on a9lh with the latest system update, same with my friends 3ds.
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    Apr 21, 2016
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    Try grabbing TWL firm from 3DSNUS and install it via FBI
  3. juandiego1993

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    Nov 6, 2015
    Hi! I am getting the same problem.. I plug in my R4 and it shows the icon but when I try to boot the game, my 3ds just turns off :v
    I have tryed with three other R4 that also show there icons and five normal DS games and nothing.. I'm on 11.2U emuNand, 9.2U on sysNand with Luma3DS + A9LH (old3DS)
    I have installed TWL firm on my sysNand but it's the same.. any suggestionsof to why this happens??

    EDIT: one thing I did do was to change my friendseedcode(?) for the PKMN sun/moon Ban!.. could that have change something that won't let me boot DS games? can somebody who unbanned there 3DS also check if they can boot any DS game?!

    EDIT #2: I have found a solution!! it was mostlly installing this cia "Old_3DS TWL_FIRM - v8817.cia" but I have also installed four other files
    DS Download Play - v1024.cia
    DS Internet - v2048.cia
    Nintendo DS Cart Whitelist - v11264.cia
    TWL Version Data - v0.cia
    (and also) Old_3DS TWL_FIRM - v8817.cia

    I don't know if I could provide a link for the files or attach them directlly but if I found them on google.. you can too!
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