3ds roms won't work

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    Hi all,

    I ordered this card for a 3DS XL

    What they have sent is this card

    I have been to the site on the card and downloaded the wood fw to the root of the card, it will play .nds but not .3ds

    Is this correct? If so what card is best to play .3ds roms?


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    Those cards are for DS and DSi only
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    Jun 14, 2011
    It won't play 3ds games, no.
    The best card to play 3DS games is the Gateway 3DS, however you will need a 3DS that is on Firmware 4.5 or below for it to work (if it's on a firmware that is lower than 4.X you'll need to update using a game that has this update on its cartridge). There is a new flashcard called Sky3DS which supports the newest firmware, however little is known about that card at the moment and you can only copy 10 games onto it, then you'll have to buy a new one. Also we don't know how future-proof this flashcard is when it comes to firmware updates by Nintendo. Your best bet is to check the firmware of your 3DS by going into the settings, then you can see the the FW in the bottom right corner of the topscreen. See if it's on 4.X or below, if not, you're better of selling this unit and try to find one that's one the correct firmware on eBay
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    LOL, they always have a disclaimer on the site saying they don't play 3DS roms... Enjoy your flashcard. :3