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    [​IMG] 3DS Community Stories
    Tell Yours...

    If you own a 3DS we want to hear your story. Where have you taken your 3DS, what is your favorite 3DS title, what does your Mii look like, or what interesting and fun stories are already tied to your 3DS? Lets get talking about the 3DS and share some fun stories.

  2. Another World

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    Jan 3, 2008
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    I walked to the store to buy groceries the other day. The round trip is about 5 miles. When I got back I got a bit upset at myself, I forgot all about the 3DS step counter!

    I took a photo of my Mii jumping off the counter top and my friend’s 5 yr old cousin asked why I was trying to kill my virtual self.

    -another world
  3. Sterling

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    Jan 22, 2009
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    That's awesome. [​IMG]

    I have yet to get a successful street pass.
  4. BreadMaster

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    May 2, 2010
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    Same [​IMG]

    The 3DS launch has probably been the least exciting for any Nintendo console (for me, at least). Normally I'm glued to any new hardware for weeks to come, but all I've done is complete the PilotWings missions and play a little bit of Street Fighter over the past few weeks. It'll pick up speed when OoT comes out, no doubt - but I haven't had any memorable experiences per-say, with it.

    That said, it's a total chick magnet, I've probably spent more time passing the device around than actually playing it - whip out the Mii Maker, slide up the 3D, and have girls create avatars from photos - I have no idea why, but people just go bananas over the 3D and facial mapping, more than any other features.
  5. epicCreations.or

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    Mar 13, 2010
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    Walked around Kailua for a bit for props for my video, went back home. Checked, got over 5000 steps, but no StreetPass hits. [​IMG] I wish 10 coins wasn't the limit.

    Siblings keep bothering me to mess with the AR, though it's kinda lost it's novelty. I do like the SFX the characters make in Star Pics though [​IMG]

    Nothing interesting in SpotPass yet. What happened to new content everyday, Ninty?

    Street Fighter is kinda fun. But Nintendogs has adorable kittens. C'mere Nyaverick! [​IMG]

    This might work if it didn't turn everyone I know into fat faced Chinese. -_-;
  6. dsfanatic5

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    Mar 15, 2009
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    I really didn't care when Streetpass was first announced, and thought I'd never use the feature. Then I started earning coins by walking, purchasing puzzle pieces, and becoming interested in my daily stats. Then my co-worker picked up a 3DS, and I got my first streetpass hit. We take our 3DSs to work now, so we get play coins for walking, and we swap puzzle pieces on our breaks.

    Today I picked up the Executive Leather Case (which is really nice btw) at Bestbuy, and I got my first streetpass hit by a stranger. It was the clerk who helped me, and I unlocked the Metroid Other M puzzle from him. I'm really having fun with this, and Nintendo has done a great job of creating incentive for you to take your 3DS out into the world.

    Now all we need is online friend chat and online interaction in the Mii Plaza.
  7. Tsuchy

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    Jan 20, 2007
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    I was pretty excited when i first picked up my 3ds, i was so glad that i didn't watch any previews or reviews of the handheld, wanted to explore all the features firsthand. I took my 3ds to school ended up getting 6 from streetpass in one day was really happy about it. I couldn't stop playing the ar games, it was a lot more addicting than street fighter. my family kept getting there hands on it too whenever i put it down to charge
    hoping for resident evil to come soon!
  8. Trygle12

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    Jan 5, 2007
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    While I haven't had much success with streetpass (I hardly take mine out) I have enjoyed the 3D more than I thought I would.

    I was kinda of disappointed with the lack of quality in Bust-a-move Universe, as it was a very barebones game, but the system really shines with Pilotwings: Resort.

    The 3D is nothing too outrageous, I do have to mention if you lack perfect vision and are very Myopic then you may have difficulties finding that sweet spot for 3D.

    Also if you are frequently fatigued then you will find yourself adjusting the 3D slider a bit. It messes with your vision. It's harder to see 3D with tired eyes.
  9. rkabir

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    Nov 12, 2010
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    I tell people I live in the middle of nowhere, Canada. The day of the launch (they opened at noon, like any other day) I had to wait at the end of a long line (6 people) that took 30 minutes, because half of the people in line knew nothing about the 3DS and had complex returns / exchanges to process. The other 3 people in line were all under the age of 16, fishing through their pockets for school ID's, lacking "proper" identification to complete their trade-in.

    Since then, I've been walking about, hanging out in the most frequented spots around town (short of actually going to the high schools these kids might be attending) but have yet to have a successful Streetpass encounter. When I show it to friends (who've only really paid attention because I've told them about it) I like to show them the camera first. I start with the slider turned off, so they're looking at a 2d photograph, like they'd expect. And then, reaching to the side, I blast the slider to max, and watch their face. Sheer awe.

    One friend kept swearing as he played AR Archery, literally unable to believe his eyes.

    Looking forward to going to Boston this weekend, surely I can snag a few street passes there?
  10. Cluster

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    Oct 2, 2005
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    Moscow Region, Electrostal
    I made preorder at http://amazon.de. They charged my card and sent 3DS on March 23th. But I'm still waiting for it! :E
  11. TCJJ

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    May 5, 2009
    New Zealand
    New Zealand
    I have no idea how many people in New Zealand have them, but I've only been around school with mine, so no StreetPass hits yet. I'll go to a bigger town next week and try it though. Although I doubt anything will happen then, either.

    I have some epic story stuff though. I pre-ordered mine, and finished paying for it on Monday 28th, the day after the US release date, but three days before the Australia/New Zealand release date (31st of March - the Thursday). They tried to give it to me on the Monday but they didn't have them in stock. So, they rung Australia, said it'd be in the next day.

    The next day came and they didn't have them, but apparently the bigger stores had got them in. So on Wednesday, my dad rung them up, confirmed they had them at one of the bigger stores, went over there to pick it up, and almost had it, but another dude showed up at the checkout and basically told him to get lost because it wasn't the release date yet and they could get fined.

    Okay, fair enough, but then the next day, I finally got it, and when I took it out of the bag (my mum picked it up for me whilst I was at school - oh geez, I can't wait for this year to end. Last year of damn school), I realised the box wasn't sealed, and that the little tab on it was too pathetic to securely keep it shut. The seals, I found later, were two round, clear stickers. They were stuck on the back of the box. On the flat back. Not holding the flap closed...

    When I got the thing open, it was exciting, but I realised, after taking the manuals out, that the plastic sleeve they come in hadn't been nicely folded (you know, how you fold the top over) and put in place. It was scrunched up. The 3DS sleeve was similar, but I took it out thinking that it was probably just packed like that. There were fingerprints all over the top of it. I think you see where this is going.

    So I turned it on and.... no setup screen. So I thought I must have to just set it myself. It was around 4pm, but the time said it was around 12pm on..... January 4th. Well, after going into the name settings which was set to "gggh" with a birthday of April 1st, I found plenty of left-over data from Super Street Fighter IV. That's great, because I hadn't been able to afford a game, so that was obviously not my own. Someone had used it before me.

    According to the data, the settings had never been changed (apart from when I had changed them), so it was first used on what was recorded as the 1st of April. Count backwards and..... OH, March 28th. The Monday. The shop had told me that they were distributed within New Zealand on Sunday 27th, so obviously they had arrived on Monday and someone decided to play with on.

    So, the next day, we rung the morons up and told them. They offered me 50% off a game. Good for them. We ended up getting a free game out of it. No Steel Diver (I heard today that it's not even out in Europe yet, so I guess that's why it's not out in New Zealand yet - same region, video game-wise anyway), so I had limited other choices. Ridge Racer didn't appeal to me because I'm not a big fan of racing games, and from what I heard, it has no multiplayer. I was going to get Rayman 3D because I like Rayman 2, but in the meantime, decided that if I REALLY wanted another version, I'd be better off finally getting a Dreamcast (which I still have yet to do, but do want to get a hold of).

    I ended up getting Lego Star Wars III. It's pretty cool, but.... I want Zelda and Kid Icarus and Metal Gear Solid and Mario and..... well, the eShop and web browser would be totally awesome to have right now.

    Anyway, the store KNEW. They didn't even ask to see the 3DS. I don't know what they did with the game though. Someone would have got a second-hand game sold as brand new with a save game already on it. Pathetic. But just like EB Games does with their discs (no idea about cartridge-based games), this store takes the 3DS games out of the cases, so you'd never know. So much for brand new. Technically, none of the games are brand new from them.....

    Another epic win for me was that the pre-order prices for the 3DS and its games in New Zealand were all messed up and VERY inconsistent between shops. I saved about NZ$30 (around US$20) on the system because of that. I also used a great online shopping website in New Zealand to price match with the crap store I bought the console from. That is, a pre-order price for Super Street Fighter IV 3D, so I saved even more money. Plus, I had money I had paid off for other pre-orders that I decided to cancel. I transferred the money to Street Fighter IV 3D. I also got a birthday discount that had been used on an order that was later cancelled because they couldn't get the item in stock, so..... I only paid about half the price for the game.

    Also, maybe someone can tell me if I'm correct or not, but I believe the 3DS game cases are the new eco/green game case types. Either way, the cases SUCK. They're annoying to open, annoying to close (sometimes they don't line up properly), and they're REALLY flimsy. I'll have the old DS game cases back any day.

    The last thing I wanted to mention is basically this: I'm not exactly popular. In fact, most people don't give a damn about this fat nerd. But take a brand new piece of technology to school, and people ogle over it. It's crazy. Yeah, they'll talk to you then. Surprising? Nah. But pathetic, definitely. Half the people would be the ones that would rather pretend you didn't exist, too. Some people that I've never even talked to. It's crazy.... Unfortunately, I go to a private school, so it won't be long before some stupidly jealous little child decides to imitate my purchase. It also kinda pissed me off when one guy asked me how much it was, and then he said "oh, that's not too bad". My ass. That cost me heaps. Took me a while to get all that money, and I had to sell a lot of things. Geez. Rich people....
  12. Another World

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    thats a pretty crazy story, i'm glad it finally all worked out.

    -another world
  13. hakujintanuki

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    Aug 17, 2007
    The Streetpass function for the Streetpass Plaza only stores 10 Miis at a time (until you go into the game and play), so if I take my 3DS in to Tokyo with me, I have to empty out the stockpile pretty often.

    Needless to say, I've completed every puzzle, and am in the last room of the Tower.
  14. prowler

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    Jul 14, 2009
    I have nothing really.

    One of my tutors though, thought it was a PSP and didn't have a clue what was Nintendo was.
    Aren't IT teachers supposed to keep up on tech shit?
  15. Opium

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    I was walking around in a shopping centre near me today and bam! Six streetpasses, including my first data transfers for the Sound channel and SSFIV3D.

    Streetpass is a great feature but I hope people continue to use it and some more great games take advantage of it. I can imagine all sorts of cool possibilities with Pokemon 3DS.

    Also, I am two puzzle pieces away from finishing my first picture but I can't seem to get them [​IMG]
  16. Ace Overclocked

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    Jul 30, 2010
    yeah pokemon for 3ds will be just 0.0
  17. Goli

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    Jul 16, 2008
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    Well, I don't have much, yet.
    I've been to lots of places since I got my 3DS and still nary a single Streetpass hit ):.
    The other day I did see a guy walking while doing something on a black DSi, which at first I thought was a 3DS, so I walked up to him only to realise the truth ):.
  18. Bunie

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    I went to Gamestop and was like "you guyz got 3ds model on display!?" and they'z like "no! we don't! Some reason! Go to bestbuy!They haz ones!" and i was like "awh thatz so far awayssss" so i left and went to Target instead! and theyz like "its over thereeeee!" and i wuz like
    and played Piolet wingz and was like "why pioletwingz!?" i wanted to play SF4 or SOMTHINZ but NU! So'z i went home sad.

    Does this count as a 3DS Story? I didnt buy one, but they'z like 250 DULLRZ so, WHO DID RITE!? INOOO

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  20. machomuu

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    I bought the 3DS and no games. Now every night I use the Sound Channel to go to sleep.

    Favorite Titles: Face Raiders, Samurai Warriors 3D