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Jul 6, 2009
I bought a wii u yesterday from someone but didnt get any of the console manuals etc. along with it. I have some questions regarding the console and what i should do with it before proper use.

1. Regarding potential modding for future use is it better to stay clear of the internet/update features or is there actually enough reason to warrant waiting for such thing considering its sale/lack of 3rd party support. The firmware that came with it at purchase is currently at "5.5.0 E" btw. Im pretty interested in using the Eshop function as i would like games like Castlevania Rebirth or DK 64 but if its better to wait i wouldnt mind it since i will be occupied with the last 2-3 Wii Zelda games ive missed out on.

2. Should i do a factory reset of the console or sync the controller with my screen ? The screen/pad seems to currently work without problems after just plugging it in. However ive noticed im logged in as the sellers "mii/profile". The icons on the main menu doesnt indicate that there is anything to lose from a factory reset though.

This is all the icons on the main menu : mii maker, wii u chat, netflix, youtube. ie. there doesnt seem to be anything of value to lose like downloaded games from the estore.

3. Will a factory reset make it impossible to play the 3 games that came along with the purchase ? it has MK8, Nintendoland & New Mario Bros Wii U , all retail. Will popping them in after a factory reset tell me to connect to the internet to download the latest patch for these games to be allowed to play them even offline or any sort of the like ?

4. Anything else i should be wary about ? I dont think i have a NNID profile from earlier since i have a acekarded 3ds XL and a hardmodded Wii. Is it necessary for me to create such a thing to even use it after a factory reset ?
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Jan 18, 2016
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1. you will lose any digital games that are attached to the profile or nnid when you format. since you are already on 5.5.0, i would suggest just to update to 5.5.1 by just making a new internet connection. it will update on its own. then hurry up and grab anything off the eshop. finally, setup tubehax dns so it doesn't update any further if there ever is a new fw available...just to be safe
2. just sync the gamepad, you can always sync it to a new console of the same region if you need
3. if your games are disc based, they will need the latest updates to go online. if they are digital, a factory reset will delete them.
4. you will need a nnid if you want to buy anything off of the eshop. you have to have at least one remaining on the console if you want to delete the other nnid (in case you don't have their password)
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