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Reviewed by RomAnOCrY, posted Jan 6, 2014
Jan 6, 2014
MT-card is the new 3DS Flashkit. This new one add a feature witch all gamer waiting: Multi-roms support ! As will see, it's not the only new feature, but there are some incoveniant too. How will this new 3DS flashkit compare to the other 3DS Flashkit ? Let's review it !
MT-card is the new 3DS Flashkit. This new one add a feature witch all gamer waiting: Multi-Roms support ! As you will see, it's not the only new feature, but there are some incoveniant too. How will this new 3DS flashkit compare to the other 3DS Flashkit ? Let's review it !

In the small world of 3DS flashKit, the Gateway is one of the most famous Flashkit. But one of the missing feature is the lack of multi-Rom support.
The MT-Card solve this problem being the first flashkit for 3DS with this multi-Rom and FAT32 drag & drop support. No need another software to convert your *.3DS roms, and ne need to have one µSD card per backup ! But as usual, still require a 4.5 MAX 3DS Unit !

I'd like to thank MT-Card for supplying me with the review sample.

Packaging and Contents
[​IMG] [​IMG]

Packaging is simple, may be too: No µSD reader, no manual. Just a piece of cardboard and plastic.
I want to take the time to mention here that when you buy a Flash Kit, that you are actually getting two Flash Kits for the price of one. One of them is for playing 3DS ROMs/Backup on your 3DS, and the other is a DS-Mode Flash Kit that supports DS ROMs/Backup and homebrew.

The blue/black Flashkit (DS)
It's a classic DS FlashKit, witch works weel with all actual firmware (V7.1.0 (3DS) and V1.45 (DSi)).
It use to write the exploit into 3DS unit. We will see how later. It's a clone of a well know Ace3DS+ Flashkit, works with the feamous WOOD kernel.
You can also use it to play with all DS's backup !

The white Flashkit (3DS)

It's the main 3DS Flashkit witch allow you to launch 3DS's backup games (on 4.5 Max firmware, as usual)
The flashkit seams to be hand-soledered, maybe for the best :) .
MT-CARD have a USB port to update the FPGA. (Actualy waiting for the first update. I'll keep you informed and update my review in circonstence.)
The flashkit have a diagnostic LED build-in, following shows the information:
  1. 1. Can’t find MicroSD card -> ON
  2. 2. Chip error -> ON 1S, OFF 1S
  3. 3. Find a .SAV file with the same name, but the file size does not equal 512KB -> ON 0.3S, OFF 0.3S (MT‐Card will switching to the next ROM after re‐inserted.)
  4. 4. Create .SAV file -> ON
  5. 5. Create .SAV file error -> ON 0.1S, OFF 0.1S
  6. 6. Game writes SAVE -> ON
  7. 7. Pressing KEY to switch games-> ON
Setup and Usage

You can use 2 µSD card but only one is require:
-One for the exploit's installation (DS flashkit, blue/black flashkit)
-One, or the same, to play with *.3DS backup.


-Go here --> MT-CARD DONWLOAD (
-Donwload the Blue card file (
-Unrar/unzip it, then copy all file at the root of the first µSD card, like this:

-Then, put the blue/black card into the 3DS unit.And follow this video:

Now the Blue/Black Flashkit is no longer necessary to launch 3DS Backups.

Don't forget to copy "Launcher.dat" file on 3DS's SD card, at root: Donwload here --> Launcher.dat (


The only things to know, is a simple drag & drop !! Ne need to use another software !
Simply copy all your *.3DS backup on the µSD root, like this:

Now put the white flashkit to the 3DS unit and after a each complete reboot, you have to follow this, to activate the exploit:

Some backup test:

Angry Birds Trilogy - PASS
Bit Trip Saga - PASS
Bust a Move Universe - PASS
Cave Story 3D - PASS
Castlevania LoS: Mirror Of Fate- PASS
Cooking Mama 4: Kitchen Magic - PASS
Disney's Epic Mickey Power of Illusion - PASS
Donkey Kong: Country Returns - PASS
Dream Trigger 3D - PASS
Fire Emblem: Awakening - PASS
Kid Icarus: Uprising - PASS
Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance - PASS
Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon - PASS
Lego City Undercover - FAIL
Lego lord of the ring - PASS
Mario Kart 7 - PASS
Mario Tennis Open - FAIL
Monster High Skultimate Roller Maze - PASS
Naruto Powerful Shipuden - FAIL
New Super Mario Bros 2 - PASS
Nintendogs + Cats - PASS
Pac-Man Party 3D - PASS
Paper Mario Sticker Star - PASS
Pilot Wings Resort - PASS
Professor Layton and The Miracle Mask - FAIL
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity - FAIL
Rayman Origins - PASS
Rhythm Thief & The Emperor's Treasure - PASS
Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked - PASS
Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed - PASS
Super Mario 3D Land - PASS
Super Street Fighter: IV - PASS
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D - PASS
One piece Unlimited Cruise SP2 - PASS
Taiko no Tatsujin: Chibi Dragon to Fushigi na Orb - PASS
Theatrhythm Final Fantasy - PASS

You can also donwload the manual guide here --> Guide (


A really good alternative with multirom support !!
But lack of compatibility and still no update, can make you prefer, at the moment, the Gateway3DS FlashKit.

Stay tune, and if a really good update come, it can be a REAL alternative at the Gateway3DS !
+ Support Multi-Rom
+ FAT32 Drag&Drop, no need to use another software
+ Support Spoof firmware
+ USB Port for FGPA Update and maybe save editor or other stuff
+ Physical switch on Flashkit to change between ROMs
+ Region Free (JAP and US Backup on PAL console !)
- No support Emu-Nand yet (Update will come)
- Save corrupt in SDK>5.X Games
- Lack of Game's compatibility
- As usual, Firmware 4.5 max
- Features annonce but not present for now:
- -Dump Game
- -Save editor
- -Screenshot
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