Review: Mighty Gunvolt Burst (Nintendo Switch)

Reviewed by Lavar Pittman, posted Jun 22, 2017, last updated Mar 17, 2018
For those who remember back when Azure Striker Gunvolt and Mighty No.9 was such a big deal, they starred in a cross over game titled "Mighty Gunvolt" (Featuring Eroko from Gal Gun.) This game was basically a bonus from the devs for expressing favorable interest in the two games.... but after seeing both games, one which was a disaster and the other with a more welcome following to produce a second game, Inti Creates brings us a sequel to the original game which was just a small bonus for their appreciation in the series. Bold move by Inti creates but is this a good thing? Let's find out in this review.
Jun 22, 2017
  • Release Date (NA): June 15, 2017
  • Release Date (EU): June 15, 2017
  • Release Date (JP): June 15, 2017
  • Publisher: Inti Creates
  • Developer: Inti Creates
  • Genres: Action Platformer
  • ESRB Rating: Everyone
  • PEGI Rating: Three years and older
  • Also For: Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation 4
  • Single player
    Local Multiplayer
    Online Multiplayer
Mighty Gunvolt Burst is the official Sequel to the previous game, following the classic Retro 8-Bit NES Inspired gameplay and graphics this game takes on a more familiar approach most early gamers will find familiar with Mega Man series at the same time expanding on what was basically a bonus game to a full fledged game itself. Keeping the 8-Bit inspired appeal similar to the previous game or another recently released game (Blaster Master Zero) the game improves on the previous one with much better detailed graphics, animation, colors and the biggest improvement a "deep customization system" along with a host of new features, more prominently the burst in the title of the game being core game mechanic of a new scoring system. With the new game comes new content including a story based more on Mighty No.9 universe rather than Azure Striker Gunvolt. The game is only available digital download on Nintendo Eshop Service for 3DS and Nintendo Switch. (No Retail cart)
Lavar Pittman

Before we start...

To start, this game while choose to focus on retro inspired gameplay and appeal, is not a bad thing, yeah I know systems are made better each console release to improve visual graphic capabilities to make games look better, more realistic and less like polygons, but 2D pixel sprite graphic art graphics are still as appealing today as it was in 1985 when Nintendo released NES. So with that said, just keep in mind that this is a small game by no means is it a huge project like the two games that influenced this crossover, Mighty No.9 and Azure Striker Gunvolt. The game is a very small file size and will download within seconds of purchasing,as well as the game being priced at $10 Just like Blaster Master Zero.

Let the games begin, welcome to the Cyber World VR


"With Beck having saved his fellow Mighty Numbers and saved the nation, Dr. White, wanting to prepare for a possible future catastrophe, gives Beck a powerful new gun and sends him into a virtual training world. However, upon the competition of the first stage, he is confronted by a shadowy young GM, who introduces himself as Gunvolt, The Azure Striker, who challenges Beck to fight his way through the bosses, and then face the GM himself...

After his battle with the Sumeragi Group, Gunvolt, and his merged ally Joule, are on a mission, when they are suddenly dragged into a strange, virtual world by an unknown power. Confused, GV makes his way through a unfamiliar setting, finally coming across a shadowy figure: Beck, a member of the "super robot fighting team", the Mighty Numbers. Declaring Gunvolt a participant in the "Super Mighty Battle Showdown", Beck warns the Adept that he must face his robo-siblings, before finally facing the reigning champion, none other than Beck of course!

With their powers drained, Gunvolt and Beck, armed with nothing but their base abilities, have no choice but to fight their way through this virtual world, if they are to have any hope of returning home..."​


Well to sum up the plot, each character's story takes place after their respective games. Beck's story is after Mighty No.9 and Gunvolt's story is after Azure Striker Gunvolt 2. Dr.White created a VR training program for Beck to hone his skills in, (Much like Metal Gear Solid VR) Someone deep behind all this referred to as GM manipulates the VR program and traps both Beck and Gunvolt During the game you are challenged by the opposing character's doppleganger addressed as GM to defeat all 8 bosses, is your only way of returning home. (Is not spoiler, is plainly obvious is not actual hero.) I assume GM is short for general manager, kinda like the person you speak with when you have problems with your games, you know? Basically saying this game is a game... I mean actually a game, you are in a game, remember this is VR, the cyber world... Kinda like a online game? This sets up a idea that the game is self aware, and script writers for localization was indeed trying to poke fun at pop culture references, there is plenty of that there. Good! Good, having moments where you can enjoy a laugh is not a bad thing.

What have you done with my powers?

Starting the game, you are given a file select screen which can hold up to 8 slots, good for multiple playthroughs. You can choose which character to select for the game. Beck or Gunvolt. Each character plays differently... sort of. They play the same but in this game you can collect various options to customize the character. So when I said that just now, I mean they have some of the same but also unique custom options. While the core gameplay is the same you would expect each character to perform the same from their base game. Sadly I may have to shoot the expectation down a bit, but only because the developers was reasonable in balancing the gameplay, so I will address the stuff that isn't featured from the base game abilities.

2017061512435700-1CA528593A9112595542B3E5B78510B0. 2017061512435600-1CA528593A9112595542B3E5B78510B0.

  • Cannot use Xel abilities.
  • Cannot use prevasion
  • Cannot use flash field
  • Cannot use wall jump
  • Cannot use dash
  • Cannot use different kinds of weapons
So basically the very things that made the characters fun in their own game are gone in this one. Well I understand, got to adjust and balance the game somehow right? Gunvolt is a bit overpowered right out the box, pervasion allows him to avoid taking damage, flashfield allows him to target enemies without needing to aim, wall jump... was pretty unneeded for the game to complete. Beck using Xeleration dash makes for lots of mobility and obtaining small stat boost. Got to adjust them for a crossover and make them a challenge to use, it would make them a struggle. Gunvolt really didn't get different weapons, it was more like the same weapon but had different ways to fire his tags. One thing that is of interest is Gunvolt can use boss's weakness, is acquired the same way as you would in Mighty No.9 Mega Man games. While Beck can actually change his weapons to the same one he uses in his own game, is not actually the weakness. I dunno if is for aesthetic effects or not but is a bit deceiving. The real way to acquire enemies weakness is to defeat a boss and collect the custom option that is labeled "element" There is only 8 minus none option. Just about everything you can do to improve the characters revolves around you collecting CP (Cost points, I think, prefer to call it custom points) Each piece of abilities use a specific amount of CP and having more of it allows you to use more options. So if you like collecting things, then well good luck on this game.

Time to get bursting


The gameplay is pretty simple, if you played Mega Man games before then you shouldn't have much problem with this. The intro stage is the city, directly based on the stage with the same name in Mighty no. 9 with the same boss at the end. It serves as the introduction or tutorial, where it has on screen instructions to proceed by as well as information with computer units. The first thing to explain is the burst system. Directly labeled after the title of the game, burst is the equal of the combo system from previous game. Is used to increase score for higher grades. Burst is performed by simply defeating enemies while standing directly in front of them. If you are close to a enemy and they are defeated, you get a burst, which starts the combo. Performing successful burst will continue the combo, you will see it appear on screen when you do it. If you don't perform burst, the combo is lost and reset to zero. So if you want higher scores, bursting is the best way. Thankfully this new combo thing is far more fair compared to other games like Azure Striker Gunvolt's Kudo system, where the goal is to defeat many enemies without a single scratch would reset your kudos to zero. Here in this game as long as you perform burst your combo isn't ruined, so taking damage isn't as punishing as the kudos is.


The second thing to note is the game has many hidden areas that lead to collectable items. There is four types of collectable treasures in the game, CP boost which will increase cp by specified amounts (Shaped like a diamond) Character support items which improves character personal actions (shaped like a exercise weights) weapon variations which change how your attacks function (Shaped like a bullet) and Stickers..... LOTS of stickers! (Used to customize avatar) If you are playing the game on Nintendo Switch, there is a ability called Dowsing which activates the only use of HD rumble on the controls, is basically used to help find breakable walls that lead to treasure to collect. Is not much but it helps, had something like this been in like all metroid-vania games where you are having trouble finding items would be nice. Apparently it only works for breakable walls, so walls that are fake invisible with things hidden inside will not work with the sensing ability. In such cases, you are own your own finding it. Good luck!

"This is starting to look like deja vu"

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Well to be honest, if you managed to play Mega Man, Azure Striker Gunvolt, and Mighty No.9 then it should feel familiar. Mega Man style gameplay and graphics, Mighty No.9 cast of enemies, stage hazards, and Azure Striker Gunvolt localization dialog humor and coolness. Sound like a legacy of things, but what can you expect? We are playing a game made by the same developers, Inti creates. I would expect nothing less. Is good internet trolling meme filled fun. Well sound like a bunch of good ideas I suppose. Who am I kidding!? I like this stuff, it has like everything we could have wanted the the past 5 years from Capcom, way to go, we finally got something like it. Thank you Inti Creates.



On a quick note, one thing bothered me about the music. I felt like something was odd, so I turned on my Mighty No.9 game. (Yes I own a crappy Wii u port.) When it loaded, it finally hit me, the music is the exact same. If you play the game, there is a option for original or retro music. They took all the retro music for this game that was made and made it the soundtrack for the game. Honestly is a very shocking thing. I dunno if is a bad thing they was lazy about making a new soundtrack or good that they least use music that sounded good with the game. I always used the retro music during my playthrough of Mighty No.9 cause I liked the Chiptune music and how it sounds, I didn't bother with the original one. Is more like "Wow, that so lazy, maybe you could least made some new music for this new game?" Or "Ahh sweet idea, chiptune version of the games music, nice." Of course if you didn't know what I just told you, it could be the second statement you would think (If you actually liked the music) or the first statement of how lazy it seem. Well I like the music in chiptune, so I don't really have a bad thing to say about it, but also not good on the recycle music idea either, reminds me of how the Mega Drive game Beyond Oasis uses sound effects from Streets of Rage 3, simply cause the game was developed and composed by the same people doesn't mean it should seem like a lazy copy & paste situation. If you have the game, you could see for yourself, just set the sound option to retro.

Well then the verdict?

The thing is this game is probably as Mega Man as it can get without using any name or reference to it. Is new to play and features two familiar characters and gameplay we all wanted so long. Is also $10, is hard to avoid buying especially when almost every other game on switch is way more. Yes I recommend this game, but only if you wish you had a new Mega Man game to play. There is plenty of customization options to mess around with, plenty of collectables, and some challenges to keep you busy. You can also speed run it or play a more difficult game through the use of the flexible customization system There is a wide variety of setups you can do to make the game easy, challenging or wacky. (You can even shoot on a angle, something hardly any Mega Man games could do and always been the complaint for years.) Honestly speaking, I do suggest this as a cheap option for switch as well as good game that offers enough for fun for any common player or Mega Man fan. A game can be good if you do it right. A game can be liked if you don't mess it up. A game can be good if you do it with actual care and time and effort put into it, and that what this game is.

+ Plays like a Mega Man game
+ Plenty of customization options
+ Many things to collect (If that is your thing)
+ Nice retro music and graphics
- Recycled music
- Stripped powers from base game
10 Presentation
The game is presented well, large detailed pictures of each character exist, and same type of illustrations are used in the cutscenes explaining the story. In game cutscenes with the characters talking in quote boxes also exist, lots of pretty pixel art graphics for retro feel and the game has many stickers to collect that features the familiar characters from both games the crossover is based on. For Pixel art, it also animates well.
10 Gameplay
Most of the game play is based on two main features, the burst system which is just the new combo system and customization. Other than that, it plays very typical to a mega man game you would find on NES. Intro stage that serves as both tutorial and start of the story, 8 main bosses and 4 following "fortress" like stages ending the game. Exploring is also the focus as the idea is to find treasure you can use to customize with.
5 Lasting Appeal
While the game's appeal is of interest to many, it will last for so long, after you find that you 100% the game, you would probably maybe either consider speedrunning the game, trying to get higher scores, find some fancy customization that is either very broken and unbalanced or very limited and challenging. Others will stop and just end it there. I find it a game to play every so often but not consistently in like a fighting game. Is still a single player Mega Man based game, and is only as replayable as you see fit.
out of 10
Overall (not an average)
Honestly it comes down to this, if you like the Mega Man and Mega Man X series of games, you will find this enjoyable, is as close as it can get without some generic name knockoff title that can't call itself Mega Man... like Rock Bot. If you are not a fan of Mega Man, I still recommend this game, is a simple gameplay and variety of options to adjust to almost any kind of player of the platform shooting type. The Low cost of the game is a added bonus cause it does offer more than is worth which is something I find good for a developer.


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