Now that Apple has revolutionized the listening experience once again with the airpods, the competitors and copycats are coming out of the woodwork to show that they can do the same thing for cheaper. Everyone will want a piece of this pie. Can the Edifier TWS6 capture the same magic and deliver results like Apple can?
Derek Bortz

Specs (from the Edifier website):

  • EFFECTIVE DISTANCE - 33 feet (10m)
  • PLAYBACK TIME - 8 hours (one charge) + 24 hours (charging case)
  • INPUT - DC 5V 60mA (headphone) DC 5V 500mA (charging case)
  • PRICE - $119.99 USD

Like all Bluetooth headphones seem to nowadays, the TWS6s come in a little black box that not only keeps your headphones safe, but also charges them when not in use. The headphones seat nicely into little magnetized recesses in the top of the box, ensuring that the correct headphone will always land on the charging prongs when you replace them. Edifier promises eight hours of playtime between charges, and the case can provide three full charges. The case can be charged via USB-C or wirelessly. Conveniently, the headphones themselves have little orange LEDs to show when they are fully charged. 


The sound quality is great, if not excellent. I think it might still be a step down from the non-pro Apple Airpod, but it’s hardly noticeable. There's really not that much more that can be said here. The bass is bass-y, the treble is treble-y. You can do a whole lot worse in terms of sound quality. 

The actual earphones fit perfectly into my ears. I understand that the earphone to ear shape is a complete lottery. For example, some people find that Apple's earphones fit perfectly into their ears, but they don't for me. Edifier seems to know this and they include four complete sets of earbud replacements, as well as little hooks that you can place on the headphone to attach to your ear. All thoughtful and welcome inclusions even if it might be overkill. 


The functions of the TWS6s might not be earth shattering, but they are pretty cool for tiny in-ears. Double tapping the left earbud will activate your voice assistant. I only have Android so I am not sure if this will call up Siri or not, but I assume it will. Double tapping the right earphone will play/pause your audio. Double tapping either while receiving a call will answer and the same will end a call while in one.

I have noticed a few things that detract from the listening experience, however. There are instances where I am listening with my phone in my pocket and twisting my body in a specific way will cause the headphones to cut out entirely for at least an entire second. This might not sound like much but imagine that you are running or walking around town and you turn your head and all of a sudden your music is gone. It's jarring to say the least and I'm not sure why still happening with expensive headphones. I assume that my cheap Chinese “Beets” will do this from time to time, but not something that costs over $100 USD. While we're on the topic of my Chinese beets, there are a couple of features that the Edifiers do lack. There's no way to adjust the volume or skip tracks with the TWS6s. If this isn't a big deal to you, great. But if it is, this might be a reason to avoid these. My $25 Beets can do this and dropping $100 more on a pair of earphones that can't seems somewhat absurd. The Edifiers seem to assume that you're going to have your phone in your hand while using them.


What We Liked . . . Excellent sound quality Great battery life Superb form factor Lots of extras included in the box Comes in white What We Didn't Like . . . Lacking a few non-key features of other earbuds
out of 10
Do I recommend these? Heck yes I do. For the sound quality and ease of use alone. I personally find the feature set to be lacking, but that is highly subjective at this point. If you are looking to get a pair of Bluetooth earbuds, these are well worth your money.


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