Yeah, comfort is cool and all but have you ever wanted to look pretty… in pink? Well, AndaSeat’s got you covered on both fronts with the Pretty in Pink series gaming chair. But is it any good? Let’s find out!
Eric Zander


It’s time to ditch your budget chair and invest in what you’re sitting on. Take it from me; I’ve been around for a few decades, sitting on a wide variety of chairs and for most of my existence I never really thought much about what I was sitting on. After all a chair is a chair, right? This worldview of mine changed once I got my first premium chair and I realized that I don’t have to live with back pain. Realizing that I have loved ones who have yet to experience the power, comfort, and (most importantly) prettiness of a nice chair, I took the opportunity to get my hands on the AndaSeat Pretty in Pink chair so that I could ultimately gift it to a friend. Well, after sitting on it while preparing for this review I have to admit that I’m having second thoughts about ever giving it up—don’t tell him.

On a serious note, this is my first chair from AndaSeat and I was surprised by the quality when compared to some other gaming chairs I’ve had the opportunity to try. As an attorney I spend equal parts running around on my feet and sitting down pretending to keep busy. On the weekends, I can even spend the whole day in my chair just watching the world pass me by. I used to do this in a budget chair that required me to purchase an unattractive seat cover and a chair cushion just to save money on aspirin for my poor lower back. Well now, I actually want to sit in the AndaSeat. It's crafted with high quality PVC leather that feels good and luxurious on the skin. The cushions and other padding are soft but firm, and its reclining backrest is perfect for zoning out while watching a movie or listening to the Tempcast.


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And yes, the meme is real as the backrest in their chair can go a full 160 degrees backwards and the weigh distribution won’t even cause it to fall. If only AndaSeat sold a footrest to give the entire recliner experience. The AndaSeat comes with pretty and pink back and neck pillows that strap onto the back of the chair in order to maximize comfort. Like most padded gaming chairs, these pillows can be adjusted higher or lower depending on your height and the angle of the backrest to cushion your body’s natural arches and are removable if you wish to take them completely out of the equation. However, unlike some other gaming chairs that I’ve tried, I find the head and lower back cushions to actually be comfortable and not just a nuisance.

I still prefer mesh gaming chairs over padded ones, primarily because I don’t like a lot of flash, but if you want that gamer girl (or boy) flashy style, you’re going to want this chair. Even though the chair that I’m reviewing is only in a size medium, the seat itself is large enough to accommodate most body types. In fact, those flexible enough can sit cross legged in it with zero issues in only the medium size. However, the chair also comes in large or extra-large if you want to feel like the queen (or king) that you are. I’m used to low quality wheels on gaming chairs and have had to buy replacements. However, the wheels that come with the AndaSeat seem to be of a higher quality than the wheels that I am used to as the base and the non-scuff wheels are sturdy while the rolling experience is smooth. The armrests can be adjusted any which way but are also comfortable and sturdy.


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However, like most high quality flashy gaming chairs there is a price... and that price is the price. Yep, the AndaSeat Pretty in Pink series will set you back about $399.99 if you buy it at MSRP, but from where I’m sitting, I’d consider that money well spent if you want to be comfortable, flashy, and stylish. There is one other downside and that comes with the territory of being a white/lighter gaming chair. After sitting in the chair for a few hours in my black jeans I noticed that the bottom of the chair became slightly stained as shown in the photos. This tarnishes the crispness of the color at the bottom of the chair but that’s not something that is really noticeable while sitting.

In conclusion, while the Pretty in Pink series may not be everyone’s style, if you’re looking for a high quality, comfortable, and stylish pink gaming chair then I highly recommend considering this chair. There is an adorable crown embroidered near the top of the seat to remind you and everyone else that you am royalty and this is your throne, queen (or king).


Technical Specifications

  • Model: AndaseaT Pretty in Pink
  • Leather: AD Plus PVC Leather
  • Framework: AD S+ framework
  • Base: L Aluminium five star
  • Caster: L universal casters PU covered
  • Foam: AD Mould Foam
  • Mechanism: L heavy duty Multi-functional tilt
  • Tilt Angel Locker: Yes
  • Piston: Heavy duty Class 4 hydraulic piston
  • Chair/Seat back: Full-length backrest
  • Rcline: High-grade spring 90°-160°
  • Armrest: 4-Directional, soft PU covered
  • Head Pillow: AD Memory M size
  • Lumbar Pillow: AD Memory M size
  • Assembly required: Yes
  • Package size: 95(L)*72(W)*38(H)cm
  • Weight: 29.5kg
  • Warranty: 5-years AD Care* excl. wear and tear
  • Maximium Load Static: 170kg
  • Maximium Load Dynamic: 130kg
  • Maximium Height: 200cm
  • Backrest Shoulder Width(cm): 58.5cm
  • Armrest to Armrest: 73-75.5cm
  • Seatbase Width inner: 54cm
  • Seatbase Width incl sides: 54cm
  • Armrest sideways adjustability: 2.5cm
  • Wheelbase Diametre: 73cm
  • Length of Backrest: 89cm
  • Armrest Height Adjustbility: 8cm
  • Armrest lowest-Highest: 62-79cm
  • Seat Depth: 50cm
  • Floor to Seatbase: 43cm-54cm
  • Height Adjustment: 11cm
What We Liked . . . Much easier to assemble than other gaming chairs Extremely pretty and very pink Made with high quality material Comfortable for long periods of time Nearly everything about the chair is adjustable Five year warranty Fairly affordable considering all of the features What We Didn't Like . . . Rather pricey Stains easily
out of 10
The Pretty in Pink series may not be everyone’s style but if you’re looking for a high quality, comfortable, and stylish pink gaming chair then I highly recommend considering this chair. There is an adorable crown embroidered near the top of the seat to remind you and everyone else that you am royalty and this is your throne, queen (or king).


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