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    Hacking Homebrew Homebrew app Emulator Retroarch on Xbox Series S Help

    Go on YouTube and look for a channel called Archades Games. He has done some really good tutorials on setting everything up
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    Homebrew Question EdiZon cheats are always active even though I turned that off

    Remove the double dot at the start of the line.
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    Gaming Help needed. Switch broken???

    Hi everyone, I’m after some advice. I’ve collected my switch from a repair shop after having issues with the sd card slot. After I investigated the issue a pin on the slot the sd board clips into came loose. So I took it to a shop and they have supposedly soldered in a new port for the sd card...
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    Hacking Refreshing Emunand help needed

    Hi everyone, I’ve been running into issues with games on my emunand. They have been very temperamental and some just not working. The general advice has been to wipe and start again. I don’t want to loose my save games, in particular Animal Crossing. What’s the best way forward and any...
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    Gaming [Essentials] Xbox Series X games

    Hi. I have a few 360 games which I want to add. Since having the Series X I’ve finished them all and they’ve been amazing. -Red Dead Redemption -GTA IV -Orange Box (Half-life 2)
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    Gaming Animal Crossing Slow down

    Hi Guys, I’m having issues with Animal Crossing New Horizons. The game is loading really slowly, from loading the game up, to entering buildings etc within the game. Turning flight mode on does slightly help but it’s still far from normal loading times. My internet connection is fine and I...
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    Gaming Animal Crossing New Horizons super slow

    Same here. I’m having the same issues and can’t find an answer. Putting it into flight mode does help but it’s not as quick as it was before
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    TV/Monitor advice needed

    What do you guys think to this monitor
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    TV/Monitor advice needed

    Thanks for this. I’ve actually learned quite abit. My budget is around £500. I want a tv/monitor that will give me a few good years and handle pretty much anything I throw at it. You’ve given me a lot to consider thanks
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    TV/Monitor advice needed

    Hi Guys, I'm after some advice in regards purchasing a new TV/Monitor for next gen games consoles. So I've pre-ordered an Xbox Series-X. I normally sit at a desk and play my games consoles so I'm after a screen no bigger than 27". My questions are: Monitor or TV? What specifications should i be...
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    Homebrew CaVE Database Manager - A SNES, NES, N64, Genesis Switch Online modding App

    Hi Guys I hope you can help. I’m having trouble with the game description. In CaVE I right click the game, write a description, save the database then export it. Once I have it on my switch the games are showing up but the game description is not showing up. It’s giving a meta error. What am I...
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    Hello and a Big thanks to GBATemp

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    Hello and a Big thanks to GBATemp

    Hi everyone, I've been a member for some time and appreciated a lot of the hard and quality work some of you guys are doing. I started modding/home brewing from around the Snes era so I've been at if a fair few years, I've modded so many consoles, the Gamecube,PS1, PS2, PSP, PSVita, GBA, right...
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    ROM Hack RELEASE Borderlands 1: Game of the Year Edition 60FPS mod

    This works brilliantly. Thanks and keep up the good work
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