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    DS #2485: Mary King's Riding School (USA)

    * bump * I was looking through and noticed this too. A little confusing. Mods, can you help please?
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    GBAtemp wishes you a Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas!!!
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    Password Generator - Back to Stone (U)

    OBJECTION!!! nnniiiiiiiccceee
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    *Fake* Wii - Red Steel (U)

    Has anyone tried this on their Wii yet? Do we have to encrypt it before burning like Xbox ISO's? What kind of software do you use to dump Wii games? So many questions left unanswered!
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    New Member Review - SuperCard Lite

    Awesome review! Reminds me of writing investigations for my physics class. I've been going back and forth for about a month trying to decide between G6 Lite, M3 Lite, and SC Lite and this review just made up my mind. I just ordered mine today!
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    Coto @ Coto: holy crap, getting VS Code to work in NDS development is something I should've done years ago...